Strategies To Boost Your Local SEO Campaigns

Strategies To Boost Your Local SEO CampaignsThere is no easy way out, but there is an easy way to do things efficiently, and fun to do so regarding boosting your local SEO campaigns.

Never mind the black hat and spammer techniques, those ways are going extinct because Google and other search engines are punishing those efforts and has caused a massive upheaval in web marketing.  Old sites that used the underhanded tactics are falling apart and losses are immense.  Why?  Because Google has new software like Penguin and Panda algorithms that know the game and have changed it.  No longer are keyword stuffed, link building scams, are effective.  You have to go back to the basics to gain both a solid foothold and long term growth.

Remember, SEO doesn’t happen overnight.  It calls for a long term goal and results creep in and continue to build but only if you do things right.  Once you’ve got your site designed professionally and tailored for both standard SEO and local SEO it means you’re ready to take the steps to boost your gains.

It doesn’t take much, but it does take some diligence, creativity, and steadfastness.

First of all, the power of mobile should not be underestimated.  Your site should be mobile friendly and Google can help you with that with their tools.  Do the research there.  Next, you have the power of social media.  Not just posting to your Facebook page, or sending tweets, but other ways most people don’t realize. It’s about sharing and getting others to engage and to engage yourself.

Your opinion matters.

What that means is that your professional input or input on areas you’re familiar with are valuable content all over the place.  Let’s say that your business is about pet grooming.  You post on related message boards and blogs, and communicate with comments on other like minded sites, Facebook pages, and more.  Even Instagram, Pinterest posts.  If your post is engaging, people will take note, bookmark, comment, or share.  Suddenly you’ve expanded.  If you’re witty and your post is funny, more the better.  People will see this as entertaining and they’ll engage. They may tweet your post, post it on their Facebook page, and more.  Just one post and you make gains.

Not only on like minded sites, but let’s say you’re also a fan of a celebrity.  You post on their Facebook page with your opinion.  Make it interesting and witty.  You might mention you have a pet grooming business. Mention your location.  Location, location, location.  Suddenly, people in that area will find a relationship and familiarity to you and although you aren’t advertising your business, you’ve opened the door to others interested, in pursuing you.  This info ends up in Google, especially if the sites are authority.  See how it goes?  You’re not advertising, but you are wearing your business badge.  Have links to your site with your location in the link.  Put as much info as you can.  City, state, even zip code. Push till it gives.

Try looking at the various local sports teams, celebrities, historic websites in your area and surrounding area.  Post on those sites.  Congratulate people, even your competitors. Do not get into fights.  Find something to compliment others on. You might say something like, “I love your band! I live in (name your city) and have a pet grooming business and I listen to your music when I’m shampooing the cute critters.”.  You’ve just complimented the band, mentioned your location and your skill.  You have a link in your sig and profile, and you’re good to go.  One good trick is to modify something in your business, like a cake, if you create your own products, to feature a politician, band, celebrity, and put it in a video or picture.  Local SEO that content, post on said website and also on your Facebook pages, tweets, Pinterest, Instagram and more.  Take advantage of all options.

So we are looking at reaching out.  Posting and engaging with others both in your locale and in other parts of the country and world.  It takes effort.  It takes time.  You have to keep your eyes open for opportunities to communicate and apply. Those directories are a plus too.  Just make sure your website has the most up to date, correct information about your business with no errors.

Boosting your local SEO campaigns doesn’t mean spending lots of money.  It means applying sound and effective techniques and having a bit of fun at it too.