What’s The Best SEO Plan For You?

Anyone planning a SEO campaign had better take a good look at the options available.  It’s going to take some studying, but it will pay off in the short and long term.

There are several types of SEO packages and levels.  Some are monthly, some are several months, and several are yearly.

To determine what’s best for you, it takes some honest overview of what you want and what kind of budget you’re looking to spend.  For the small sized company, it maybe wisest to go small.  Get a monthly, low budget SEO plan so that you can watch the stats and your sales to see if it is being effective.  Things don’t happen overnight but after the first month you should have seen some improvement regarding traffic and sales.  Reading the statistics thoroughly will allow you to determine where the traffic and sales are coming from.  Sometimes the front page of a site is where the best traffic and revenue can come from, however, sometimes, the site blog or a specific inside page may lead to those valuable clicks that lead to sales and retention.

Also look at your shareable content like videos, articles, and pictures.  Someone may be sharing your content  via social media or on their blogs or sites because your information is pertinent and well done.  Stats and your SEO team will be able to analyze and exploit this good fortune and then expand on it.

As time goes on, you’ll have to then gauge how much more of your budget you can devote to a SEO plan to expand.  Weigh it all in relationship to traffic and sales and then ramp up a bit.  There are monthly plans that are a bit more expensive and some very expensive.  If you’re not a huge company then stick to the lower budgets until you hit the big time.

For the higher end business sites, although it may be tempting to go with the high priced SEO plan and leave all the responsibility to the SEO company but that isn’t a wise step.  You want to test and make sure your valuable investment dollar is going to bring about a ROI aka Return On Investment that is equitable all across the board.  Once the SEO company proves that they can get favorable results, then you can move on to a more powerful and expensive package that should really set things on fire.

Going with an hourly SEO plan or per project SEO plan is another series of options that offer benefits as well.  These plans allow for deeper examination and greater responsibility to perform.  It also calls upon you to do the right thing regarding site design, content that is relevant, professionalism in spelling and links, and doing your due diligence for the duration.

The SEO companies will offer plans that are best suited for you.  Check the companies that are highly recommended.  These companies will have gone the test of time and integrity.  If it costs a bit more to get them, it will be worth it in the short and long term.  The pro level companies know all the ins and outs of SEO and keep on top of all the latest changes.  There’s lots of transparency as well.  Any SEO company unwilling to keep you posted on what’s going on is sure to let you down overall.

So the best approach is to analyze, study, ask questions, and evaluate.  Analyze your present status, study about SEO and SEO companies, ask questions so you’ll be able to make the best informed decision, and then evaluate the best course of action.  You’ll save yourself lots of time and misery