The Benefits Of Blogging

What benefits should you be aware of when considering blogging for a business?Many businesses in the Tampa Bay area often question their SEO company about the benefits of blogging. What they don’t realize is that since its inception in 1993, blogging for a business has become an essential marketing tool. This is because blogs were originally nothing more than a diary, but throughout the years, blogging’s many benefits have risen to the forefront for marketers, so much so that there are currently 600 million blogs throughout the world (accounting for approximately ⅓ of the internet). What benefits should you be aware of when considering blogging for a business?

Blogging grows your website traffic.
Ask any SEO company, and they’ll tell you that every business contains the same important pages. With all the same types of pages floating around the internet, search engines may not be able to recognize that yours is more important than your competitors. This is because your blog enables you to publish additional content, which will eventually bring more traffic to your website.

Blogging helps you build authority.
If you only have a 5-page website on which you sell your products or services, it’s difficult to prove that you’re an expert in your niche. However, when you add a blog to your site, you can establish authority and win your visitors’ trust. Of course, you can only do this by publishing industry-related content on a regular basis.

Blogging helps strengthen brand recognition.
You can also strengthen your brand’s identity through blogging. This is because you’ll have more opportunities to use your custom logo in places like your social profile and in search results. Combine this brand recognition with your expertise and the trust you’re building in your customers, and you’ll become immensely valuable.

Blogging helps build user engagement.
When you have a blog on your website, people are more likely to interact with your website. As people leave comments on your blog posts, share them through social media, or even write about them themselves, they’re helping you build a community, which is very useful.

Blogging helps you improve long-term SEO.
A blog will allow you to target those keywords that are related to your niche. By writing about these in a variety of related topics, you’ll be able to cover a lot of ground. As the number of posts accumulates, you’re slowly building an arsenal that’ll help your blog rise to the top of the SERPs. Couple this with your other SEO efforts, and you’ll start receiving more organic traffic.

Blogging allows you to beat your competition when it comes to organic search traffic.
A major part of your keyword strategy has to do with discovering what keywords your competition is ranking for. Once you notice what keywords are bringing them a lot of business, you can start creating content targeting these keywords yourself. With a blog, you have plenty of room to do this so you can eventually beat your competition when it comes to organic search traffic.

Blogging allows you to educate your customers.
Blog posts give you the opportunity to educate your customers. This will make your site more valuable even for your existing customers. Your blog will teach them about new features that they might not be utilizing yet.

Blogging must be done correctly so your business reaps its benefits.
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