The Synergy Of Local SEO

The Synergy Of Local SEOToday’s marketers are going to be left in the dust if they don’t adapt quickly and change their game plans regarding local SEO. It’s not just a simple matter of putting up links and tagging pics anymore. Local SEO calls for much more and the strategies and techniques are changing even as we speak.
The situation is thus, Google is pouring on the power. Their rankings are being determined on real, honest to goodness social media reports, and more. It’s the authority granted to the various websites that have those real positive reviews, social commentary on one or more of the big social media networks, interaction on your site’s blogs, and how well tuned your sites are.
Being sloppy with copy and irrelevant links as well as fake reviews will get you slammed by Google nowadays. Don’t even try to get around Google, they’ve invested so much money and manpower int o Google that trying to beat them would be like trying to fight off a T-Rex with a wiffle bat. It ain’t gonna happen. Their software gets better each week, and they’re now able to scour websites, blogs, social media down to the last pronoun. If your site turns up in good standing with lots of interaction and engagement, you’re good to go. If not, you had better get on your feet and fast.
Local SEO experts realize this now as their old techniques are being wiped out. Honesty is the best policy here and that’s too tough for many gurus and marketers because it means having to work smart and hard at doing something simple, telling the truth.
On the other hand, the remedies for falling SEO stats are to take a good look at your site and SEO efforts. What are you lacking for in skills or content or strategy. You have to get people to engage, engage, engage, on your site and via social media. If you have some negative press or reviews online, you have to shore things up at your establishment and get people to engage online via social media. Offer discounts, put up signs, have contests, anything that will get customers to pick up that smartphone or sit at that tablet or PC and take a few minutes to write about your service and goods. Be as polite as you can be, even try contacting customers a few days after they’ve made a purchase or stopped by for eats, to see how they liked things. Make sure you r social media pages are integrated correctly with your websites and blogs and encourage people to share. Give out discounts or prizes to the people who share the most. Figure out some way to reward people for being honest and engaging in reviews. All this says to Google that your site and business are alive and popping, happening, and trending.
Don’t just toss good money for bad because some SEO pro makes all kinds of claims. Nowadays you have to dig deep and spread far to get a handle on your SEO goals. It’s actually becoming quite a chore and why it costs so much, but done correctly, your stats will shoot up through the roof and more.

The name of the game here is synergy. Get on it right away.