Tips For Gaining Ground With Local SEO

Local SEOTips For Gaining Ground With Local SEO is quite challenging for many, including experts in the SEO game. As daunting as it appears and can be, there are some basic things that can be doe to get you on your ‘good foot’.

First things first, stand your ground. Know what is going on in your territory and where you stand. If you’re not even listed in the first 10 pages of Google for searches for your products and services, then you have some work to do and fast. Look at the completion and see what makes their websites rank high. You might think it is due to spending tons of money on keywords and keyphrases. That might be true in some cases, but not necessarily so. It may be due to their being more aware of what is going on in your territory and those locations, landmarks, entertainment venues that are associated with your region. Just a link to such venues and reciprocal links back, can be the difference between night and day. Look for the names of monuments, famous people, historical events that are associated with your area. You can make them look pertinent to your site and business by mentioning how proud you are to be part of that community. Add some well tagged pics and videos, and even take pics and vids of you and your staff visiting or celebrating such venues. That alone will bring you fans, make friendly associations with others in the community and boost that ‘hometown’ feeling.

Second, take the time to make sure your site is mobile friendly. It cannot be understated as to how important this is. Mobile is the growing 800 lb gorilla of searching for things on the web. Your site has to be able to be visible and accommodating for the sizes and usage of mobile devices or you’re just sitting around wasteful. There are tools at Google to get your site up to mobile snuff. Take some time, look it over, and learn and apply. You should see success relatively shortly.

Google also has ‘Google My Business‘ listings. Use it. Google gives priority for this and you’ll be associated with other businesses in good standing. That, and you’ll see why having such a listing is essential. You will have a good time using this tool.

The same goes with directories and review sites. Use them, emphasize what you do, where you are, and why your area is of importance. As you get your company further recognized, you’ll see what you need to emphasize more in your promo.

See, it doesn’t take much, just enough to get on solid ground.