Three Ways Social Media And SEO Work Well

How Social Media Helps SEONow that social media is the 800lb gorilla in the room for organic traffic and SEO specialty; it has Google crawling all over it in a marriage of necessity that benefits both. That being said, know how to use social media and SEO is of such great importance that to avoid it would be foolhardy, to say the least. Here, we’ll look at four fine strategies to use social media and SEO to your advantage

Get On Board

If you’ve been lax in getting on board to partake in social media, then you had better do so quick. It’s not that difficult, and just one Facebook profile page for you and your business can make all the difference in the world. You have to understand the levels of these advantages to appreciate their effectiveness. You may have gone to high school or college or been in the military and made lots of friends and associates. They may have enjoyed your counsel and good cheer. They’ll definitely be searching social media for you so they can friend you and be part of your life. It’s not a matter of how many friends and associates you have, but ‘whom’ they are.

You can amass 5,000 friends on Facebook, but only ten of them are worth any traffic and sales. It works on a mass math scale, but each step helps. Having ten high profile friends with 5,000 high profile friends each is like money in the bank, but it won’t do you any good if you’re not to be found. Get yourself those Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram pages and promote your goods and services. It’s a huge task but in the long term and short term you’ll see dramatic results and fast.

Know The Social Media Ropes

Social media is tricky in that each company has their own rules of engagement. What works on Facebook won’t work on Pinterest or Twitter sometimes and vice versa. Read the rules. Know the lingo, follow the TOS (Terms Of Service) and ask around for the ethical ways of exploiting each for the betterment of your business. All this will automatically convert into SEO gains as the words you use on each site will become keywords, keyphrases, and key groups by default.

So if you’re selling pet supplies and are a pet supply specialist, then your social media pages must list this data thus attracting people who find it of interest. You can use your company’s slogan and hype but don’t overdo it. Instead, let the friends and visitors do the work for you. If you post that your pet supply company ‘feeds every kind of dog in the world,’ somebody is going to ask if their mutt or breed is covered.

This is where you snag up that info and respond cordially. People reading the posts will add their comments, and this gives you the opportunity to hype your game. Post interesting graphics, videos, memes with your main website info and encourage others to share. This will draw in the search engines like a magnate especially if you’ve specialized your posts.

Local SEO And Social Media Pluses

The rage for local SEO can find social media highly fertile ground. It just doesn’t stop regarding the benefits. Why? Because using your location, NAPs (Name Address Phone) to the posts and comments, memes, graphics, pics, videos, lets the public know you’re in their area and they may find it a matter of convenience and local pride. This especially works well if you post local events like parade pages or elections or even people who’ve achieved some notoriety. You could, for example, offer a discount to everyone who brings in a ticket stub to the local sports high school championship. You wouldn’t believe how fast word can get around especially if you’re giving a break on highly sought after goods and services. People will brag about getting that good deal from you on their social pages for years to come, and all of it leads to inbound links of an organic nature that is better than gold.

Finally, if you think this is a bit overwhelming, no problem. Just contact a solid social media SEO expert like Local SEO TPA. They know the social media game, and in no time you’ll be making friends and customers easy.