What about When a Single Page Has Two Different Links to the Same URL?

web links and SEOMost of the time both links are going to have different anchor texts, but people have still found themselves wondering what sort of impact on the PageRank would occur during this process. Although two links can seem somewhat important to a webmaster, there are an abundance of other things to ponder when it comes to your SEO strategies. The PageRank would actually be divided evenly throughout the different links, and the anchor texts being different has no drastic effect on the ranking process pertaining to these links.

The link extraction process varies, it has a chance to select multiple sources of links (and in some cases there are even singular links being selected). If you’re worried about this regarding your SEO strategy, like stated before there are plenty of different things to worry about. Some of them would include a redesign, or even checking how many users are being funneled towards your content. It’s a small problem, and not many people are interested in the question, but there’s the answer for you.

Source: Google Webmaster Tools
Image Source: freeimages.com