Why My Website Is Not Showing In Google Search

Why My Website Is Not Showing In Google SearchWebsites that don’t rank in Google search are like fancy cars that refuse to start. While they both look great, neither are useful because they don’t transport people from one location to another. Typically, a site that doesn’t rank well has one main issue that drags down the entire website, negatively impacting its performance. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help your SEO here.

Set up a Google Search Console

The best practice for solving any SEO issues your website may be experiencing is to eliminate anything obvious. This is something that you can easily do by yourself. Simply take a moment to set up a Google search console account. By doing so you’ll be able to immediately see who’s crawling and indexing your page, along with any errors they’re discovering while doing so.

When you see these crawl errors, you’ll want to quickly fix them so your ranking issues are resolved. You should also make sure that the majority of your website’s pages are listed in the search engines. If they’re not, take a moment to check site:domain.com to make sure your website has been crawled. Your objective here is to fix those big, obvious issues that prevent your website from ranking.

Make Sure There Isn’t any Duplicate Content

Although you’re not proactively attempting to plagiarize another website’s content, you may accidentally do so which can cause you to get penalized by Google. You may also accidentally plagiarize yourself which will enact Google’s duplicating self-content penalty. This is particularly easy to do when you have a lot of images but not a lot of text on your website. You must ensure that all the writing on your website is unique so that Google indexes it correctly. To do this you should use Copyscape – a tool that will check websites for duplicate content for you. While you don’t ever want to copy content directly from another website, mistakes happen. With Copyscape you can make sure that 70% or more of your content is original. This will also help you prevent your website from being closed down.

Look at Your Website on a Mobile Browser

Every year the internet grows more mobile. This is why having a mobile website is so important today. When your website loads slowly on a mobile device, your ranking will suffer – even if your website performs well on a desktop computer. To check this, you can use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. Once you see what’s wrong, make sure you quickly fix the issue so you improve your ranking.

Analyze Your Website’s SEO

Your keywords enable Google to determine your website’s relevance when people conduct a Google search. With a higher relevance, you’ll rank higher in the SERPs. Anyone who uses WordPress for their websites CMS should have the Yoast plugin enabled so you’re immediately aware of any issues with your SEO.

Check out Your Website’s Backlinks

Websites that link back to your content are doing you a favor by boosting your Google rank for you. This is why it’s important to invest time in developing content and then promoting it. To see who’s linking back to your website you should use a backlink checker. In doing so you may discover that you may need to do more to encourage people to share and bookmark your content on social media.


Once you’ve tried all these things and you still find yourself wondering why my website is not showing in Google search, it’s time to contact the Local SEO Company for some help. Their professional assessment will help you understand if you can fix these issues yourself or if you need their help to solve them.