Will Small Businesses Survive Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm?

Will Small Businesses Survive Google's Mobile Friendly Algorithm?Well, so far the good news is that small businesses may not need to worry too much regarding Google’s new mobile friendly algorithm change.

Much ballyhoo has been made regarding this search engine change.  Marketers and webmasters as well as businesses have almost gone into panic mode worrying about whether or not the changes will affect their search engine results for the worse.

Millions of companies rely on search engine optimization to get their products out there on the web.  They spend a good amount of money for these services that can cost several hundred dollars an hour from a reputable company.  Battling for keywords and keyphrases, dominating their specific niches, are all the companies want and right now the Google mobile friendly campaign has the webmasters, marketers, and so on watching with bated breath to find out what is going to happen next.

Right now, it’s all about reading the statistics.  So far the data is pouring in and it looks like some significant changes are occurring and that has the webmasters, marketers, and customers scrambling to make sense of it all and see how best to take advantage.

For the small business however, there is some good news.  It appears that smaller businesses may be found to be more Google mobile friendly than the big complex websites of the major corporations.  The reason for this is that smaller businesses are more tight in perspective and easier to SEO.  Combine good quality website development, proper and relevant copywriting with well tagged photos, anchor texts and relevant links and you have the advantage.  Using Google’s software and webmaster tools, one can see if one’s website is mobile friendly.  There’s also other software and services that can detect this too.

It’s best to see where you stand right now as a small business.  If your site is mobile friendly, don’t futz with it, just keep an eye on your statistics and adjust things where necessary.

Keep on top of the latest trends and advice from the experts.  They’re not going to give away all their secrets but a keen eye will be able to read between the lines and make sense of what is going on.  Just don’t fall for every SEO guru that come along boasting how they know all the ins and outs of the mobile friendly Google algorithm changes.  It’s sure to be a racket in some areas so be cautious.

You must strike while the iron is hot, meaning take charge of things and don’t procrastinate, but you need to know what to do and that comes from study and professional advice.  It’s too early in the game for there to be a super guru with all the latest tactics so give it some time while the pros sort things out.  SEO is an ever changing landscape and what we learn today my become obsolete in months to come.

The real tragedy here is that this rollout is only just out of the gate.  It hasn’t even been a month yet and already there are tremors.  As long as no one panics, there will be resolution and ways to take advantage of the changes.

Do not underestimate mobile.  It is growing so fast that it wouldn’t be surprising to see a massive drop in purchases of desktops and laptops.  Recent statistics are blowing the industries out of the water regarding the rapid conversion to mobile. That being said, it calls on the small business to do the best job they can to make sure their sites are not only mobile friendly, but as professional as possible.

There are dozens of other tactics and techniques to improve your mobile friendly SEO, and that’s going to take study from the reliable pros.