A Look At The Most Popular Search Engines In The World

Top search enginesSEO optimization is a daily battle in which you strive for even the smallest uptick in your Google traffic. Unfortunately, this leads to a lot of missed opportunities – ones that can result in a lot more traffic and conversions with a lot less work. One such example is those search engines that you may not think of.

Microsoft Bing
Microsoft replaced MSN Search with Bing in 2009. Initially, it only had 8% of the search engine market share, but by the time it made a deal with both Yahoo and AOL, that rose to 26%. They’ve been working hard, especially in the advertising arena, to catch up with Google. Here they’ve added numerous features to Microsoft Ads.

Although Bing doesn’t have the same market share as Google, it’s still quite respectable throughout the United States and the U.K. One of the issues people have is that Bing’s organic algorithms aren’t nearly as sophisticated as Google’s. This gap makes Bing easier to understand, predict, and do SEO optimization for, which is great since there are fewer SEO optimization gurus doing so. Therefore, you’ll get a better return on investment, but you’ll also get far fewer conversions.

Founded in 2000, Baidu is China’s dominant search engine. It has about 70% of the market share here, whereas Google only has about 4%. In many ways, Baidu is like Google (e.g., making huge investments in AI, deploying self-driving cars, and expanding core offerings to mimic Google), though. They power 3 billion searches per day, but outside of China, Baidu has very little influence.

If you choose to do any optimization for this search engine, you need to remember that you’re catering to one market. This is a market that’s very different from any other in regards to its customs, verbiage, and visuals – something that SEO optimization experts warn Google Translate won’t help you with. Therefore, you’ll need someone from China to help you with this search engine. Some businesses find it worthwhile, though, because Baidu’s organic algorithm and paid systems are more simplistic than Google’s.

Yandex (“Yet Another iNDEXer”) s rooted in a project that two Russian developers started in 1990 to help classify patents for Arkadia. They bought a domain and launched this search engine to the public in 1997, but it wasn’t until 2011 that they went public on the New York stock exchange. When they did so, they were listed directly behind Google. Today they power 42% of all Russian searches.

While there’s less traffic here than on Google, you’ll also have less competition. This is great when you also consider the fact that the algorithms are less sophisticated, making them easier to assess and optimize for. All this may sound great, but you should also know that due to certain elements (e.g., a higher weighting on geolocation), Yandex is difficult for outsiders to do well on. Obviously, you can get around this by using their paid system. When you compare it with Bing, Google, and even Facebook, you’ll find that it’s also less expensive per click, which is one of the reasons that some people still choose to use it.

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