Can SEO Be Affected By Site Speed?

Page speed optimizationEveryone wants to have a fast website, and for good reason. If your website lacks speed, your visitors are going to leave the site as fast as they arrived. If your site speed is lacking, you may want to find methods to speed it up, so your SEO is not negatively impacted.

Think about the first time you meet someone new. The person’s first impression of you is often the most important. This goes for your website as well. You may have a great-looking website with an amazing color combination, awesome content, and perfect pictures. But if your visitors have to wait for too long, they will turn away and go elsewhere. And then your website’s first impression will be a slow-loading site.

You also need to think about the site speed on a mobile device. These often take longer, with an average of 15 seconds. Compare this to the 3 seconds that individuals think it should take for a mobile device website to load. Every extra second it takes to load means more visitors leaving your site for your competitor’s site.

Did you know that sites that are faster are easier for Google to crawl? If your server is fast, bots will be able to do their work more efficiently. Therefore, this impacts your site’s crawl budget. A crawl budget will be different for all sites. Google will take a look at the health of your site, along with how many links you have going to your website. The crawl budget is generally stable.

If you wish to make your crawl budget larger, you may want to do more maintenance on your site. Sites with fewer errors will be able to create a larger crawl budget. You can also decrease redirect chains, block portions of your website, and obtain more links.

Faster sites will have higher conversion rates with lower bounce rates. A quick loading site will allow you to work on your trust with your customers, and focus on brand loyalty.

One of your largest goals should be for your visitors to have the best possible experience on your website. One bad experience can mean a lost customer, as well as feedback that can be shared with others. People will be much happier with less stress when they do not have to wait for your website to load. And when a site makes them feel good, they will return, which could lead to a repeat customer. Google will see your page as a good search because many customers are returning.

While you should be invested in the number of your site speed, do not completely focus on this. Many of the tests you can do for your speed mimic conditions that are not realistic. Rather than go by this, you should go by the actual customers! You should realize that all visitors are not the same. They use diverse kinds of internet connections, browsers, and gadgets. Be mindful of who your visitors are and the method of accessing your website, as well as what they do while they’re there.

However, it goes without saying that you should be checking your site speed with some tools that can assist you in grasping what speed issues you may need to work on within your site. Good ones to try include Pingdom, Google’s PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix, or Lighthouse.

There are various things you can do to speed up your website. Consider removing unnecessary plugins, compressing images, using a content delivery network, or changing your hosting provider. You can also minimize HTTP requests, defer JavaScript loading, decrease server response time, or conduct a compression audit.

Remember that speed site is something you will need to continuously work on. If you are not certain about things you can do to speed up your website, consider contacting Local SEO Tampa Company in Tampa, FL. They will be able to help you with your speed site, as well as search engine optimization.