Tips For General Contractor SEO

Why You Need General Contractor SEOMost people’s search for a reputable contractor starts with a search engine such as Google. However, it’s not enough for you to appear near the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs). You need to be at the top and for that, you need to have good general contractor SEO. There are several things that this strategy is dependent upon.

Why You Need General Contractor SEO

There are a few advantages to employing this marketing tactic. These include:

  • People usually conduct more than one search when they want to hire a general contractor. When your name continually appears in front of them they’ll want to see what you offer.
  • While general contractor SEO isn’t free, investing in it will enable you to reach more people over a longer period.
  • Larger firms can outperform you with traditional marketing tactics because they have a bigger budget. However, your business can still outperform them in the SERPs.

How to Start Putting General Contractor SEO to Work for You

Now that you see how advantageous this marketing tactic is, isn’t it time you start working on this long-term strategy for your business? If you answered “yes” (which of course you did), there are a few things you should do.

Research Your Keywords

Consider what keywords homeowners and businesses are using when searching for a contractor. Pay special attention to “long-tail keywords” – those that are more specific (e.g., commercial concrete contractor). While these keywords will appear in fewer SERPs, you’ll receive more qualified leads which in turn will lead to more business revenue. As you conduct your research, make sure to look at the keywords’ volume, cost-per-click (CPC), and competition so you know just how valuable the keyword is.

If you find you’re still struggling with keywords, figure out where your audience spends their time online (e.g., Reddit, Quora, Twitter). Checking out these websites will help you identify what your customers are having problems with so you can address these issues in your writing by explaining how you can either resolve or avoid them.

Offer a Great Website Experience

Once internet users find your website via your general contractor SEO efforts, they need to want to stay there. For this, you must offer them a great website experience. The best way to do this is to pay attention to your website’s speed since Google also takes note of it. By increasing this speed by one second you can increase your conversion rate by 7% which could result in two new clients each quarter.

Additionally, you must understand that over 50% of online traffic is from mobile devices. This is why Google prioritizes this when determining where you’ll rank in the SERPs so make sure your site is mobile-friendly.

Maintain a Good Online Reputation

Search engines don’t only look at your site’s keywords, but they also look at its overall reputation online. Some off-page elements that play a major role in your site’s authority and ability to rank high in the SERPs include things like links and mentions. These off-page elements compose 80% of Google’s algorithm so you can’t afford to ignore them.

One thing that you want to make sure of is that your name is consistent across all online platforms. The more frequently your company name appears online, the more visible you become and the more likely you are to rank highly in the SERPs.

Monitor Your Traffic

Just because your website is optimized doesn’t mean your work is done. You need to measure how well your general contractor SEO is working. This is especially important when you stop to consider how search algorithms are continually changing. While you may rank number one in the SERPs today, you never know when search behavior will change or another site manages to optimize in such a way that it now outranks yours. By monitoring your analytics you’ll be able to identify changes in search patterns so you can adapt your strategy and remain at the top.

Start Moving Towards the Top of the SERPs Today

When you’re ready to get serious about your general contractor SEO reach out to us at Local SEO Tampa Company in Tampa, FL. We not only understand the importance of SEO in your marketing strategy, but we can also create a plan to ensure your site gets plenty of traffic. Contact us today to get started.