Common SEO Mistakes That Can Tank Your Rankings

Common SEO Mistakes That Can Tank Your RankingsA study conducted by GE Capital has recently been conducted which states that 80% of online shoppers take the time to do some research before they make a big purchase. Demand Gen Report also states that nearly half of consumers take some time to view up to five pieces of content from a company before they even decide to talk to a sales representative.

With statistics like this, it’s easy to see why search engine optimization is such an important thing in this day and age. Ensuring that your company appears in the top search results on Google and other search engines is one of the best ways to keep your company visible and relevant.

There are quite a few companies that aren’t even aware of the value of search engine optimization (SEO), which is detrimental to the company as a whole and serve to absolutely tank their rankings. Here are some of the most common mistakes that companies commit which damages their search engine rankings.

1. Ignoring Mobile Customers

More than half of web traffic comes from a mobile phone nowadays. With that in mind, just think of all the times you’ve visited a website on your phone only to find that the mobile version of the website is horribly made and has a confusing or unusable interface.

Most people that run into this issue immediately hit the back button and find some other webpage from Google.

Websites that ignore their mobile layout are at a severe disadvantage when it comes to SEO, and risk people never visiting their website ever again in the future.

2. Failing to Recognize Local Customers

Many companies try to cater to a worldwide audience and forget about their local customers. It doesn’t matter if you are the highest-ranked website internationally if you are losing to competitors in the same town.

Focus first on your local audience, the ones that will actually avail of your services, before trying to conquer the world.

3. Forgetting that Content is King

Far too many times there are companies and businesses that don’t even have a blog portion on their website. They either don’t understand how helpful a blog can be in SEO, or they only make low-quality and shoddy content that nobody wants to read.

Making bad content is more detrimental than making no content at all. If visitors of your website get the impression that there is no substance to your content or it’s a simple copy of something you ripped off of the internet then they will take their business elsewhere.

Take the time to write interesting and original articles that get people engaged. Showing visitors that your content is worth checking out is a great way to climb the SEO ranks.

4. Only Looking at the Short-Term

There are tons of companies that “buy” their top ranks. Whether they spam keywords or purchase tons of backlinks, these websites will not last long at the top. Any underhanded tactics to reach the top of SEO is never fated to last long and can dig a quick and deep grave for your website if Google or another search engine realizes what is going on.


If you want to see your website rise to the top of the rankings, then don’t make these mistakes. If you’re in the Tampa area don’t hesitate to get help from professionals who know what they are doing and can actively work with your company to get you the best SEO services out there.

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