Signs Your Company Needs Local SEO Services

Signs That Your Business Needs A Local SEO ServiceAny business that has a physical location should understand how important it is to attain and maintain prominent visibility in local search engines. These searchers are typically ready to start spending money and if they don’t find you, they’ll spend that money at your competitor’s location instead. With this in mind, you should consider whether you’re ready to pay for professional local SEO services. There are several indicators that you’re ready here.

All Your Locations are Listed on the Same Page

Never place all your location details on the same webpage because this can cripple your local visibility. Instead, each of your locations needs to be on its own webpage so you can target the correct keywords for it in your HTML title and meta description. These pages should contain your address, phone number, and the services that are offered at the location. Place each of these pages in a logical hierarchy so search engines understand it. Make sure you then deep link to each of the locations from other pages on your website instead of having them got to your homepage to search for information.

You Don’t Know How Much Traffic You’re Receiving Through Local Search

Tracking your local landing pages’ maps and organic traffic performance will help you see how each of your locations is doing. Google provides a campaign URL builder that makes it easy to implement map tracking. You should also implement canonical tags on your location pages to tell the search engines what URL they should keep in their index so they drop all the others. Make sure you also have a bank of unique phone numbers so you can track what location your customers are calling since about 61% of them will want to talk to you at some point in the sales process.

You Don’t Realize Your Business Citations Need Work

Don’t forget to manage your citations (any mention of your business’ information on local-oriented websites or directories). Your citation data needs to be complete and not duplicated. This is a big job that’s challenging for just a few people unless a citation management platform is utilized.

You Don’t Know the State of Your Online Reviews

Every review impacts your company’s reputation since 90% of people read them before choosing to visit a business. This is why it’s so important to know what’s being said about your business. When you find good reviews, respond telling them you appreciate it. This shows you care. For every bad review you must do your best to fix things right away.

You Don’t Know how to Build Links to Your Website

Google also places a lot of value on links that point to your website from other sites. These validate and strengthen your business’ authority and relevance. This is why you should look through your competitor’s backlink profile and find competitive local opportunities of your own.

You Know There’s Lots of Work but Don’t Have Lots of Time

While many of these things are probably already on your radar, it’s true that local SEO requires a lot of time and resources. To see any type of return here you must make a long-term commitment. Unfortunately, if you’re like most companies you don’t have the luxury of hiring specialized in-house teams to do this work for you. However, giving these tasks to one or two people who have other tasks on their plate won’t work for you. As such, when you’re ready to investigate local SEO services, contact, Local SEO Tampa. They will assess where your business is at and help you find a way to get where you want to be as soon as possible.