Creating Local SEO Content Is Fun

Creating Local SEO Content Is FunWhen it comes to doing Local SEO content creation, things will go much smoother if you if you get creative with it to avoid looking spammy and snag that organic traffic you’re looking for. Here, we’ll take a look at some ideas you can implement that should hedge your bets as well as focus on a company that does it all right.

When it comes to Local SEO the key point is to add your location to wherever it is applicable and relative to your website content. This means copy, photos, videos, and blog content. It’s in these areas that you can add your location and relevant data. You’ve got a wide spread where you can do this and then add the additional keywords, keyphrases, and keygroups that come along with it all.

For example, let’s say your website is about beauty supplies. Well, of course you would want those keywords relevant to beauty supplies to be prevalent across your website. However, to add more power to your SEO punch, you add data regarding your location to it also. Remember, you’re vying for the top keywords which the big companies rule at, however, those big companies don’t have the advantage of being prominent in your area unless they manufacture there or have products at local big stores. Even then you’re at an advantage because the big stores have so much product that they can’t engage in local issues or they would associate their corporate brand in a bad way. This is where you come in. You post things on your blog regarding your clientele. Add their local info as well. So if Mary Jones shows up for a manicure you post pics and video of it and the data about your location and hers will pop up. Now if Mary has a popular Facebook page, then her friends stand a good chance of seeing the links and visit your site.

On another trick, visit local venues like parades and celebrations. Take pics of you talking about the event and also ask customers and employees to show off what your merchandise or services has done. You may gain local celebrity status especially on social media. This will generate traffic for your main keywords and related keywords that adds to your overall traffic.

When new products come out, invite customers to try them for free. Take video and take pics of their opinions and even see if you can chat with their friends. If you have social events where they can try out products or show off their new stuff, you again have the advantage o gathering their local data and posting it on your site.

As time goes on, you’ll be collecting more and more Local SEO information that the search engines and social networks can’t ignore.

Social media like Instagram or Facebook or Pinterest can be a boon to this strategy. Every time you take vids or pics or write a blog post, you can post it to social media and thus get more attention, shares, likes, and comments.. Waste not, want not is what we’re talking about here. Let no opportunity to miss out on posting local info to attract that organic traffic.

There are many variations on a theme here and a company like Local SEO Tampa is just the right company to get for your Local SEO campaigns. They’ve got a bright staff and alert team that will walk you through the processes involved and make sure you understand all the ins and outs of Local SEO. Soon, you’ll be able to see what you can get away with and turn into valuable traffic and profits.

Let a professional help you at this. Local SEO Tampa is there waiting to get you up and running.