Making Sense With NAPs

Making Sense With NAPsYour Name Address and Phone number are what we call in SEO, NAPs. This information is vital to be placed strategically on your website. Without it you’re losing traffic and revenue and we’ll look at why.

When search engines and customers are looking for your goods and services, the data including your NAPs is of high importance. You’re being indexed based on your location via an area of SEO called ‘Local SEO’. Local SEO is a division of SEO that focuses primarily on your location and contact data. Without this data strategically placed on your site you’ll end up losing too much to the competition that does.
Search engines like Google crawl your webpages for all the pertinent data that is in text. If your location and other locale data isn’t in this format, it won’t index your webpage in that category. So if you owned ‘Acme Car Rental, 123 Smith Street in Kalamazoo, Michigan’, and you didn’t include all this data plus your phone number, then people looking for such services in your area wouldn’t know that you were a provider.
You not only need to put this data on every webpage, but also n a contact page. You need to include your location in posts and when tagging pictures, videos, and anything relating to your site. It doesn’t stop there. You have to be aware of every opportunity to places your NAPs on your site and in posts and comments to others.

Directories are another area you need to post your NAPs. This ranges from Yelp to the BBB site. Wherever you can and whenever you can without being spammy, you should include your NAPs. This will show up to Google and people looking for such goods and services are bound to see your listings a the top of the SERPs even when competitors pay for the top spot ads.
You’ll make extra mileage with your NAPs when you post on your blogs and in social media regarding popular events in your area or newsworthy events. If a big celebrity visits town or a top band or even a political figure, try to write about it and don’t forget to put in your NAPs data on the post.. Your social media pages needs this data too and don’t forget those communication apps like Skype. When commenting on others’ posts sand blogs, gingerly try to include your NAPs in the post replies and make sure your online profile has your NAPs data included. Lots of people put on privacy settings and they end up losing valuable Local SEO points as no one can crawl their NAPs.
Your print ads should have your NAPs on them too. Remember, graphics may have your NAPs data on them but the search engines can’t crawl that. You need to add it in the text format and post it wherever you can. Let’s say on Page one you put your NAPs data on on the bottom of the page. In your page’s copy you need to add your NAPs data occasionally. You’ll of course have this data at the bottom of all your webpages. It’s because Google indexes webpages not websites. It needs to to see that information on every page in all the content if possible. You’ve got to be creative and realize if you use it too much it will look like keyword stuffing. You can get penalized for that. Just be cool and let it flow naturally. You’ll see the importance of this in your keyword traffic analysis.
If you have trouble with it all, it’s wise to hire a company that is expert in NAPs and SEO of all forms. Local SEO Tampa is just the kind of company that knows what to do. They’ll analyze the site and look at where you need to strengthen your Local SEO with your NAPs data. They’ll peruse for errors and then apply the right tactics to get you the maximum in organic traffic which is what you want. Yes, Local SEO Tampa will make a big change in your business and they’ll be glad to do so.