It’s A Two-Way Street Regarding An SEO Service

It's A Two-Way Street Regarding An SEO ServiceDoing SEO properly is a two-way street. The SEO expert and the client must see eye to eye on all things or they’re headed toward disaster. SEO isn’t some magic bullet that will propel your website to the top of the Google search pages overnight. It’s a combination of long and short term strategies and technologies that it takes two to tango with, the client and SEO company.

SEO companies have to understand that clients may be totally ignorant the way SEO is engineered. The client has to understand that tall the gossip and hearsay they’ve encountered may fly in the face of sound SEO procedure. This conflict scenario may seem idiotic but it’s an every day thing regarding client and SEO pro. The problems are that SEO is a very, very complicated combination of art and science. It’s a never ending battle to keep up on the latest technologies and strategies so that the client’s site can compete or dominate.

Sometimes strict adherence to procedure is warranted and on the other hand sheer dumb luck or out of the box thinking and action are what is called for. The randomity of SEO is that a wild card can appear any minute. You can plan and engineer a site to within an inch of its life and it looks good to get some favorable spots on the search engine pages and after several months it doesn’t perform well. On the other hand a designer might slip up and place copy in a way or a picture or video in a way that suddenly becomes the search target others are crying for.

As an SEO company you need to understand that your client isn’t as aware of what you’re trying to accomplish. This takes care and concern and proper communication. You mus listen to the client and allay any fears or apprehension they have.

This doesn’t by any means call for doing whatever they request. Your duty is to get their website in the right lane of the information super highway traffic and not wallowing on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck. Explain the definitions of all the basic terms. Explain the basic strategies and make absolutely clear they understand them.

This way you’ll be on the same page from the start and not having to interrupt production at every stop and turn. This doesn’t mean be as rigid as a street sign, it means being thorough yet flexible in the right way at the right time. Since no two clients are alike they may offer information about their niche that you weren’t aware of. Suddenly as the SEO company you get a light-bulb of ideas go off in your head that you feel will be perfect for drawing the surfers in.

This is where the big decisions are made and you’ll have to do some experimentation along the way. This is a good idea because if your client points out something of extreme interest to the surfers and no one else does, but surfers have been querying with no responses on the search engine pages, then you’ll be the one that takes the high ground and your client will be sitting on top of the world.

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