Good & Bad SEO Ideas for Website Owners

Good & Bad SEO Ideas for Website OwnersThere are many people who have tried to figure out various SEO aspects and understand its whole concept. There is no doubt that keywords form an integral part of optimization strategies however they are not everything. These days’ optimization efforts have changed a lot and several aspect of the presence of a website on web are taken into count. The importance of good content has increased greatly over the past few years. Shortcuts do not apply any more. A site’s SEO can be improved by:

  • Building blogs for the site and populating the site with useful information which people would like to comment on and share. Coming up with daily posting schedules and sticking to it. The site’s visibility can also be increased by writing guest posts and commenting on different blogs.
  • Telling stories of the industry or company with visuals. This means that one can create infographics presenting figures, facts and data in a compelling and interesting way. There is no need to write information within a chart or list when it can be created with eye-catching images. The address of the site should be included within the graphic which will help people with their attribution once its spreads throughout the web.
  • Running contests within the site. More number of visitors will be attracted which will also make sure that links are shared to the site on different websites and social media. However, it is necessary to ensure that substantial prize is offered to attract people.

Things like these definitely prove worthy but there are a few things which should be avoided during optimization which can indirectly hurt the rankings of the site.

Following SEO efforts can be undertaken so as to hurt the rankings:

  • Anchor text of same type used for links within the site and anywhere else. The importance of anchor texts can be understood from the fact that search engines get an idea about the links from them.
  • Guest Posts can be written on sites hardly cared by anyone. However, it is important to ensure that the sites have good pagerank otherwise it will be a waste of time.
  • Site-wide links can be incorporated within the sidebars. This feature is extremely common blogs which means that every post created will include these links although search engines think of them as spams.

SEO efforts can be enhanced to a great extent simply by following these guidelines.