The Way Webmasters are Assisted by Google for SEO

The Way Webmasters are Assisted by Google for SEORecently, one of the YouTube users questioned Matt Cutts, Google Engineer about when will the company start supporting webmaster questions without just providing automated responses. The primary concern of the user was that he received only automated responses from Google regarding the reconsideration requests although the issues were written out by him in thorough detail.

It was explained by Cutts that main problem for the company is scale. The number of domain names available is near about two hundred and fifty million and there is absolutely no way that individual responses can be provided to every person with a problem or question. However, it is not that Google isn’t doing anything for assisting webmasters get some grip on the SEO efforts being undertaken by them.

The foremost concern of the company is to offer visitors, web results of top quality every time. The concern showed by webmasters is secondary by default. But, the good news is that Google has provided individual responses to more than four hundred thousand requests so as to answer particular SEO questions as well as assist webmasters to optimize the sites in a better manner.

While it is not possible for Google to provide responses to each question from people who have their own websites but they are putting in their best effort to answer common and uncommon questions related to website building, SEO and lots more. They have come up with an innovative idea of making YouTube videos to answer questions on such topics. This way, it is only required for them to answer questions only once without the need to answer them over and over again for millions of individual mails. The videos are getting a high percentage of views and it seems that the strategy is working out for them.

However, the search for Google continues so as to accommodate the information need for webmasters in realistic manner which can be handled easily. Reconsideration requests are handled by Google in 2 ways: notification stating that issue has been resolved or notification stating that some work is still pending for fixing the issue. There are also cases where webmasters get response that issue has been resolved but some issues are present which require fixing. Although the system is not perfect but for the time being they are trying their best to resolve the issues.

In order to improve website SEO, it is always a good idea to keep updated with the videos uploaded by Google where Matt Cutts answers different questions.