How To Explain SEO To Your Clients

How To Explain SEO To Your ClientsAs a website owner your goal is to get as many people as possible from the search engines to visit your website. This is what’s known as search engine optimization (SEO). There are some people (known as SEO specialists) who find it easy to sell this process to website owners. However, they’ll occasionally encounter someone who has no idea what SEO is or how it works. This can make things a bit trickier for them.

How an SEO Specialist can Effectively Explain the Process

This is a great time to see how much experience the guru has while also making sure that they can explain what they can do for your business in a way that you can understand. By building a trusting relationship here, you’ll both find it easier to engage in a working relationship. This should start with determining how much you, the client, already knows so that the SEO specialist can help build upon your knowledge.

As a SEO specialist who’s working to broaden your client’s knowledge in this regard, your goal should be to make sure that everything you tell them is highly relevant to their niche. They must understand that it includes setting up their website, creating online accounts, and engaging in digital marketing – not just ranking in Google. This is especially true with the way Google’s algorithm is continually evolving to include outside factors that influence where you’ll rank in this search engine.

When you explain these things, it’s best to give your customers examples that they can relate to. This way it’ll make sense to them why they should optimize more than their website. They’ll also understand that there are more websites than just Google for them to concern themselves with. For instance, you may want to tell a store owner that SEO is like setting up their store online. That they’ll want to tell people exactly what they’ll find in their store before entering it.

When Little is Known About SEO

Sometimes there won’t be any previous knowledge on which you as the SEO specialist can build. Nevertheless, it’s still important for website owners to understand that there are two main components that go into a successful SEO campaign.

First, you have on-site marketing, which is what you can do to your website. This mainly involves your website’s technical side, including:

  • Ensuring that you create and maintain your website in a way that tells search engines exactly who you are, where you are, and what you do
  • Creating a site structure that makes sense and is easy to navigate
  • Making sure that your pages load quickly so that people don’t leave your site because it runs too slow
  • Creating high-quality content with relevant keywords so search engines know what you’re all about

Secondly, you have off-site marketing, which is how you optimize for your website at other places online. In other words, anything you do off your website will help improve how you rank in the search engines. This includes things like how:

  • Popular and relevant your website is
  • Much authority your website has
  • Many reviews your website receives


There’s no doubt that SEO specialists face a challenge when it comes time to explain SEO to their clients. This challenge seems to grow bigger once you’ve been in SEO’s trenches for a while. Nevertheless, it’s something that the Local SEO Tampa Company has been successful at doing well. They’ll use your language and build off what you already know to get your website the high rankings it deserves. So, when you’re ready to work with someone whom you can understand, make sure you reach out to them.