Ways of Approaching Holiday SEO

Ways of Approaching Holiday SEOMany people think of the end of August through mid-September as the unofficial start to the holiday season. This is something businesses know which is why they’re having decent holiday sales already. As an online business, you realize that effective SEO is something that takes patience and time so you must be proactive if you want to cash in as the traditional stores do. This means you should spend September and October optimizing your website for holiday SEO so customers can find you when the holidays do arrive. You shouldn’t overlook this since Adobe Data says that in 2018 Americans spent $6.2 billion online on Black Friday and another $7.9 billion online on Cyber Monday.

 Use Holiday Keywords to Optimize Your Content

 If you’ve already keyword-optimized your content so users can easily find your website, don’t overthink this holiday SEO strategy for leveraging holiday-specific keywords. Simply find what the popular items people are shopping for this holiday season and establish a robust PPC campaign based on these keywords.

 You should also find out what keywords people are using to land directly on your site. When looking at holiday-specific keywords, create a list of high-volume, long-tail keywords that are related to the keywords that are already working for you. Focus particularly on products that sell particularly well during the holiday season (e.g. electronics, decorations). Make sure you’re also targeting local keywords.

 Create Content and Landing Pages Specifically for the Holidays

 Any new holiday pages you’ve created will rank during the holidays alongside those pages that you’ve already been using all year to make sales. However, you want to make sure that your on-page content is optimized for the holidays too. This isn’t difficult to do. Simply make sure that your landing page content advertises your holiday products and use the keywords you’ve already researched to link visitors to your site’s product pages.

 Besides optimized landing pages, it’s also important to keep your blog up to date with holiday content. Google will help you find trending articles from which you can generate new ideas. Regardless of the topics you choose, make sure you’re helping people solve problems and that you use good holiday SEO techniques to ensure that the search engines pick up your content.

 Improve Your Backlinks

 The best way to give your holiday SEO a boost this year so that you can rest assured it’ll be found is to devote a lot of attention to backlinks. These are important throughout the year but even more so throughout the holidays. When you have a significant number of high-quality backlinks the search engines will know that your site is both trustworthy and relevant to specific users. Of course, when your links show up in an influencer’s blog posts a lot of the advertising legwork gets done for you which is also quite helpful.

 Unfortunately, acquiring the backlinks you need will take some work. High-quality links only come from historically authoritative brands with high-quality content on SEO optimized pages. You shouldn’t plan to get these backlinks overnight. However, you can earn them from influencers whose content is trending throughout the holidays. Doing so will bring a lot of traffic to your website. If it’s set up well, this will result in a big boost in your bottom line this holiday season.


 With everything else you already have going on for your business, you may be wondering how you’re supposed to find time to take care of holiday SEO. Fortunately, you don’t have to find the time. You can simply reach out to us at the Local SEO Tampa Company and we’ll take care of everything for you. So, stop procrastinating and get ready to cash in on this holiday season. Contact us today!