How To Stay Active At Your Desk Job

Stay active at your office job working for an SEO companyExperts have discovered that a sedentary lifestyle near Tampa is just as bad as smoking. Unfortunately, going to the gym isn’t enough to balance out the time you spend working at a sedentary office job, either. Instead, in order to sustain your health, you must stay active at your office job working for an SEO company. By staying active throughout the day, you’ll benefit greatly. Here are a few ways you can do this while working for an SEO company near Tampa.

Set a timer.
This ensures that while working at an SEO company near Tampa, you’re gently reminded to remain active throughout your day. When your timer sounds, take a moment to stand and stroll around your office.

Do subtle stretches at your desk.
Simple exercises are the best way of staying active while you’re at work. Nobody will even care that you’re doing some casual stretches (e.g., shoulder raises, neck stretches, leg raises) at your desk a few times throughout your workday. You might even start a new trend as other employees may start feeling more comfortable doing some stretching themselves.

Use a stand-up desk.
These desks, often referred to by a variety of names like standing desks or adjustable desks, share a common and innovative feature. Regardless of the terminology, they all serve the same essential purpose: providing a versatile workspace that allows you to comfortably work at your office job while standing, promoting better posture and potentially enhancing productivity.

Sit on an exercise ball.
While your co-workers may look at you curiously, this is a great way to work on your body without realizing it. Using an exercise ball instead of your chair engages your core (e.g., abs, back muscles), which helps you maintain good posture.

Try out a treadmill desk.
Bosses near Tampa who care about their employees being fit and healthy understand that this desk is a great help here. While standing while working is a great way to stay active, walking throughout your work on your computer throughout your day is even better.

Use a mini exercise bike.
A fantastic way to get exercise while at your desk is by using a mini exercise bike that fits underneath your desk. This allows you to keep pedaling, giving your legs a workout.

Do leg lifts under your desk with ankle weights.
Subtle, easy ways to get moving at your office job working for an SEO company are the best ways to combat the sedentary lifestyle that comes with office work. This exercise will keep your legs toned while you’re at your desk.

Hold meetings while going for a walk near Tampa.
Instead of hosting your next meeting in a stuffy boardroom, take it outside. This is a great way to accomplish your workplace tasks while you’re also staying active.

Have a lunchtime workout at the closest gym to your office job.
To get even more out of your lunch break, take a trip to your local gym or see if there’s a place that has a quick fitness class available. Even doing just a 30 – 40-minute workout will improve both your productivity and mood. It’ll also re-energize you for the afternoon because your blood will be pumping.

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