Link Building Tips For Beginners

link-building strategiesLots of businesses in Tampa opt to hire an SEO company to manage their link-building campaign, as it can be quite an overwhelming task while juggling other business operations. However, before hiring a company to handle this for you, there are some important things that you should be aware of.

Manage your expectations.
Link building is challenging because you don’t want to buy links. Therefore, it can take several months for your campaign to gain momentum. During this time, you don’t want to lose hope. Instead, you’ll need to keep tweaking and trying new things. You need to be eager to learn and prepared to face some failures along the way.

Keep focused.
Ask any SEO company near Tampa, and they’ll tell you that you should focus on one link-building strategy at a time. This is because your results depend on the tactic you’ve chosen and the quality of its execution. When you try too many methods at once, you won’t be able to execute any of them well enough to be successful. Instead, you’ll make mistakes and struggle to track your results.

Keep your goals flexible.
Make sure you work with your SEO company to define clear goals for your campaign so that you can measure your success and track your progress. To start with, you may just want more traffic, but eventually, you’ll want to set more specific goals (e.g., get 100 new backlinks in the next month and increase your website’s organic traffic by 10%).

Use your existing network for link building near Tampa.
Make sure the SEO company you hire doesn’t forget about the “low-hanging fruit.” After all, easy links are still important. This includes links from your friends and family, suppliers and providers, and any networking you may have done near Tampa.

Use individual emails for each prospective link.
These are what are known as “bespoke emails.” When read, the person should understand that the email was written for them and nobody else. While this may sound like a lot of work, it’s why you’ve hired an SEO company to manage your link-building campaigns for you. It’s also why they’re able to get you the results you both want and need.

Make sure the links are relevant.
You don’t only want links that bring in traffic that converts into sales; you also want these links to be relevant to your audience near Tampa. For instance, if you’re a luxury real estate broker, you may be tempted to target other real estate sites, but these are the sites that your competitors are also targeting, which is why you’re struggling to get links from them. Instead, reach out and ask for links from places like luxury car dealerships, fine art galleries, and interior design firms.

Links are like gold; you need to go prospecting.

There are a few different approaches that you can use here.

The first is competitor backlinks. Here, you’ll want to look at your direct or indirect competitors’ backlinks and then reach out to those sites or ones similar.

The second is targeted keywords. With this method, you need to search for sites that rank for the keywords you want to target and then reach out to them. Make sure you also check their backlink profiles so that you can reach out to those prospects, too.

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