How To Use Instagram For Your Business

How To Use Instagram For Your BusinessInstagram touts itself as an easy, fun, and creative way for people to be able to take and share pictures and short messages with their friends and family. You can think of it as a social media platform that focuses on sharing pictures. With Instagram marketing, you have an audience of over a billion users.

There are different ways you can post messages and interact with people here. Not only can you post photos, videos, and messages to your feed but you can also share stories, engage in IGTV, or go shopping. It’s up to you to decide which of these social media marketing features you want to use.

Deciding if Instagram is Right for You

There are lots of social media platforms available today. This is why you must pause to consider which will work best for the type of business you’re running. Nobody has the time or energy to focus on more than a few places. However, Instagram marketing is worth your time if you sell any item that you’re able to take good pictures of.

To decide if this is a good fit for you it’s important to consider if your audience is using Instagram. This is an informal platform. It has a strong focus on pictures. Think about whether this is how you talk to your audience. Instagram marketing takes time because you must spend time creating fun, visual content since viewers here expect genuine images, not stock photos.

Instagram Marketing Tips

Once you decide that this is the right type of social media marketing for your business and you’ve created your free business account, there are some things you’ll also want to do. They include:

  • Be creative. While you can look at what other accounts are doing, it’ll still take you some time to build up your own account’s followers. Before you start telling others about your new Instagram account make sure you have some posts up and running so they don’t land on an empty page. When it comes to deciding what to post, think about your business and how you communicate with your audience. Instagram marketing requires some creativity and uniqueness. This will help people get to know you better.
  • As with any social media marketing, Instagram marketing requires consistency. You don’t want to post so much that you’re annoying but you do want to post regularly so you’re not forgotten about. The nice thing about Instagram is you can easily combine it with your Facebook social media marketing. However, there are bound to be times when these two aren’t a match made in heaven.
  • Make good use of hashtags. The more you use here the bigger reach your post will have. As with other forms of social media marketing you don’t want to overdo it here. You want to use the right hashtags to reach the right people. The best way to decide on these is to look at what your competition is using. If your communication style allows for it, consider using some emoticons, especially in your captions. This will give them an informal and fun element.

Instagram is a great way to share visual content with an audience. It’s not a good fit for every business though. While it works well if your products photograph well, when you’re part of a community, or when you have an informal way of communicating. It’ll take time to build your follower base which is why it’s important to post consistently and be creative with your posts. If you do decide that this form of social media marketing is a great way to grow your then contact the Local SEO Company in Tampa, FL, and have them start helping you with it today.