Making The Best Out Of A Bad Review

Making The Best Out Of A Bad ReviewIt happens to all business. Someone doesn’t like your products or services and they complain about it online. Unaddressed these complaints or bad reviews can catch the eye of the public and may be detrimental to your sales. In any case, it’s a good idea to address these reviews and make the best of them and here are several smart and effective ways to get out of such a situation.

1-Don’t Lose Your Temper

When you see a bad review of your website, products, services, or even your brand name, don’t get upset and fly off the handle. It’s not a bad thing if you realize how to handle things Getting mad and posting a harsh retort or getting all antagonistic only shows that the person who posted the bad review has hit a nerve about something you’ve neglected or know full well is a weakness. You might sell the best apples in the area but your bags and packaging falls apart. You knew it and were working on getting the problem solved but it’s too late, a customer bought your apples and the packaging broke and the apples spilled all over the parking lot. The customer turns around and sees another person with a busted bag of apples and it’s your brand. Well now they’re sore and are angry with you and post the incident online. Next thing you know a bunch of other people are showing concern. This is when you go into repair mode, not angry mode.

2-Act Quickly But Not Irresponsibly

When a bad review pops up you’ll have to act quickly. It depends on where and via what venue the complaint has been posted. A negative post on Facebook has to be handled in a different way than on Twitter. If it’s a genuine complaint then you keep a smile on your face and respond like any responsible proprietor would do. It’s not a case of the ‘customer’s always right, it’s a matter of putting out a fire at the start. So if Mrs. Crumble writes a post about how your mechanic was rude, you don’t argue with her but instead respond with alarm that she feels insulted by one of your staff. Assure her that you’ll be looking into the matter pronto and that you won’t rest until she feels better. Others will see this and realize that you’re a very concerned business owner who takes pride in their service and goods. That you care enough to take the steps to rectify the situation. If someone who is just being mean and posts something negative just short of libel, then ask your happy customers to respond or address the meany by stating you’ve got thousands of satisfied customers and that you would be happy if they actually tried your services. They’ll back down because it means they’ll have to get on the proving grounds and that means they would have to put up or shut up.

3-Encourage Your Customers To Interact

Engagement is what it’s all about in the SEO world nowadays. Social media is so huge that at any minute some goofball or unsatisfied customer can ruin your day. To put up a great shield that works for prevention and remedy, encourage your customers to engage online if they’re happy with your company. This can be with posts, new copy, pics, and videos and graphics and memes that will be a constant flow to the public of how popular you are. This will dissuade naysayers from running amok and it will make unhappy customers think twice before posting a negative review.

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