Qualities To Look For In An SEO Agency For Your Lawfirm

Things to Look for in an Experienced SEO AgencyThere are a lot of SEO agencies that take advantage of companies that aren’t familiar with SEO. Law SEO has seen its fair share of these deceitful agencies as well. While these firms are inexpensive, they fail to deliver on their promise of offering significant results. Fortunately, there are some ways you can tell the difference. Here are the essential qualities to look for in a firm before partnering with them.

Is this an SEO agency or one that’s also focused on website design?

A true SEO agency isn’t the same as a website developer. Website developers typically aren’t experienced in most of the nuances of law SEO. You’ll find that those who truly understand SEO can answer any questions you ask them regarding SEO. They’ll also have testimonials and analytics data to show you from their previous clients.

Are they effective communicators?

It doesn’t matter how much money you pay an SEO agency if all they give you are ambiguous charts and reports that you don’t understand. When you don’t understand what’s going on, your SEO performance won’t improve. Instead, a credible SEO partner will understand that open communication is a vital part of the process. Therefore they’ll maintain open communication with you, host frequent meetings with you, and visually walk you through the SEO experience so that you can see what steps they’re taking to increase your online presence.

Will they set up any type of tracking?

The first thing that a credible law SEO agency will do is help you set some realistic goals and a way of tracking them. For instance, if your firm is receiving 100 phone calls per month before partnering with an agency, that number should increase within 6 months, or the SEO strategy will need to be adjusted. With proper tracking tools like this in place, you’ll be able to see whether your website’s content is generating traffic that converts into business.

Do they put a content strategy in place?

The main way of driving traffic to your website is by creating content. Without it, SEO is limited. You don’t just need content, though. You also need to keep it updated and add more frequently. This is why part of an effective law SEO strategy will contain a content schedule. This is something that your SEO specialist should be responsible for.

Do they have a strategy for link building?

While content is important, you also need to have a link-building approach in place. This will provide you with another competitive edge in your field. A good SEO agency won’t just build links, but it’ll also help you with things like content publishing, outreach, and other link-building strategies that’ll help improve your SEO.

Are they taking time to educate their clients?

When you’re working with an honest SEO partner, they’ll actively educate you regarding SEO activity. However, you’ll need to make an effort to learn about SEO too. Being knowledgeable means that you’re better equipped to hold the SEO agency you work with accountable.

What are their conversion rates like?

A quality law SEO firm will focus on improving a site’s conversion rates by increasing its traffic. There are several tools available to help track conversion rates. Regardless of which one of these you use, you’ll want to make sure that the way the SEO firm is increasing your conversions is both proven and testable.

How do I find a quality law SEO agency?

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