How To Be Successful With Law Firm SEO

SEO for Lawyers: The BasicsA smart and effective method for law firm SEO is creating content. This digital marketing strategy allows you to reach more potential clients online. It’s also beneficial in more ways than merely social media likes and website traffic. This is because, on various platforms, it’ll take on various forms. Of course, you’ll need to know how to create a great strategy, so here are a few tips to help you get started.

To start, you need to know how law firm SEO works

There are a lot of marketers who oversimplify the digital marketing strategy as “create, publish, share.” Unfortunately, it isn’t quite this simple. You have to “Create the right content for the right audience at the right time.” There are a few steps that go into making this happen. They include:

  • Research your target audience to find out how they search for answers to their questions and problems.
  • Create compelling content (e.g., blog articles, videos, podcasts) to drive traffic to your site that you can turn into leads.
  • Promote your content across as many channels as possible.
  • Add strong calls-to-action (CTAs) to each piece of content you create so you can get visitors to contact you.
  • Use analytics tools to analyze and measure your results, so you know what your ROI is.

Now it’s time to start putting your digital marketing strategy together

Once you understand law firm SEO, you’re ready to create your digital marketing strategy. Here are a few tactics you should try:

  • While you may think you should be targeting anyone who has a legal issue, in reality, this is too vague of an idea of whom your law firm serves. This will help you create content that resonates with them.
  • Take time to do keyword research for your law firm’s SEO. This will tell you exactly what terms people are entering into Google to find law firms like yours. You’ll want to use keyword research tools not only to find your keywords but also to see what keywords your competitors are using and find backlink opportunities.
  • Take a look at your competitors’ organic search positions and content strategies to see how your content efforts measure up. You can do this by using SEO tools, checking out their blog, reviewing their webpages, and paying attention to their lead magnets. While you don’t want to copy these things, you can use them to spur new ideas for your digital marketing.
  • Take some time to optimize your service landing pages. These are important in funneling content into your website that will then convert into leads. This is why you need to pay close attention to optimizing your landing pages. To get organic traffic to these pages, you’ll need to use law firm SEO. You also need to ensure that each of these landing pages not only appeals to your target audience but also tells them about the perks they’ll get from working with your firm.
  • Make sure your content aligns with your brand narrative. Your brand narrative shares what characteristics (e.g., values, mission statement, story, approach to client support) make your law firm unique.
  • Create different types of content (e.g., interviews, ebooks, videos, webinars, podcasts) besides writing blog posts.
  • Build out your content funnel so that you can move your visitors from awareness to consideration and then finally on to a decision. So at the top of your funnel, you’ll want informative content that addresses a broad topic. Once your users check this out, they’ll want to see you back the information up through testimonials, case studies, in-depth guides, and service pages. When you give them these things, they’ll be ready to follow your call to action.

Don’t forget to optimize your content for law firm SEO so you can win more clients

Your content serves as a powerful part of your digital marketing strategy because it increases your law firm’s online visibility and helps you gain new clients. Regardless of what type of content you create, you’ll need it so that you can reach a broader audience that’s found on various platforms. Unfortunately, this will require time and effort that you may not have available to you with your busy schedule. If that’s the case, contact us at the Local SEO Tampa Company in Tampa, FL, for help with your content strategy today.