The Benefits Of E-Commerce SEO And How To Use It

The Benefits Of E-Commerce SEO And How To Use ItFor those running a business that uses e-commerce, search engine optimization (SEO) is a necessity. With increasing e-commerce competition (especially in light of the coronavirus pandemic), SEO is one of the only effective ways to stand out and increase traffic. In this article, we’ll go over how e-commerce SEO can naturally increase your web traffic, help you find new customers, and boost your overall business profile online. We’ll also go over some strategies you can use to improve your SEO for the best possible results.

Building an E-Commerce SEO Strategy

Google is the king of search engine results and ranking, which means that SEO must be tailored to the Google algorithm. This makes designing a solid SEO strategy depends on understanding how Google ranks results and uses keywords.

Structuring your website with good e-commerce SEO can come in a few different forms. One good idea is to resent your business as an expert in the field. Using language in your content to set yourself apart from the competition is a great way to generate trust with your customers. The traditional way to do this is with blog posts, but modern problems call for modern solutions. Consider launching a podcast about your industry, as well as having guest appearances on other websites in a similar niche that are unaffiliated with your business.

Don’t Limit Yourself to One Platform

Google is probably the biggest generator of new clicks, especially from local shoppers, but social media platforms have also proven to be an excellent platform for advertising and engagement. Most social media platforms use some type of algorithm these days and taking advantage of that can lead to higher traffic and more customers, just like it does with Google.

Social media companies like Facebook have a high conversion rate for ads and posts, but they aren’t the only option. Platforms like Twitter and Instagram are also helpful for posting and gaining engagement with consumers. However, some social media sites are worse than others. Reddit for example doesn’t take well to self-promotion, so always be aware of the user culture on whatever site you choose to engage with.

One social media site that works well with e-commerce SEO that may not come to mind right away is Pinterest. Pinterest works by allowing users to “pin” images to boards. Normally these are images, ideas, and products that the user wants to keep in one place for easy access. Formatting posts and pictures on your website to be Pinterest compatible is an easy way to make your products easier for customers to access and remember.

E-Commerce SEO and Social Media

Social media can be a great tool to boost your business, but it takes well-designed content to make it happen. Picking your keywords carefully is one of the most crucial parts of this. Putting keywords in your titles and image descriptions is a good way to catch people’s attention quickly. However, it’s equally important to avoid spamming your audience with keywords. When you cram too many keywords into one title or article, it doesn’t read well and can turn your potential customers away.

Don’t Take on SEO by Yourself

No one person should be taking on every aspect of e-commerce SEO by themselves. SEO has a huge scope of tasks that can’t be done alone. Going to an expert for SEO is one way to take the stress off yourself as a small business owner. For business owners in Tampa, FL, that’s where Local SEO Tampa Company comes in. For those looking to expand their business through an expertly designed e-commerce SEO strategy, Local SEO Tampa Company is here to help.