Why Is My Website Not Ranking on the First Page?

Why Is My Website Not Ranking on the First Page?Introduction

If you want more exposure to your company’s website, you need to think about being on the first page. But many websites want this, and the fact of the matter is, not everyone can be on the first page.

If you have ever wondered why your site is on the first page, continue to read on. Website ranking depends on many things. We will touch base in this article on reasons why your site is not on that first page, and what you can do about it.

Reasons why your site is not on the first page

The following reasons are why your website ranking is not higher than it currently is.

  1. There has not been enough time. SEO takes time, and your website will not rank on the first page in a short amount of time. All good things take effort and time on our part. You need to have a plan and goals on what you want and expect for your website. Without a plan, nothing is possible. It can take several months, or even a year, for you to see the results that you want.
  2. Google does not like your site for one reason or another. There are many reasons for this including:
  • you do not have enough content on your page
  • the content that you do have is duplicated from another source or is not unique
  • content is not fresh
  • it is hard to navigate your site
  1. Your competition is better than you. They are publishing more blogs than you, and are link building. Your competition post on social media, making their content shareable. They take SEO on a more serious level than you and are doing everything possible to have a website ranking that is higher than everyone else.
  2. Google placed your site under penalty. There is a variety of reasons as to why Google may do this: your site was hacked, it is full of spam, there are unnatural links to your site, there is not any value in your content, or you have cloaked images. Keyword stuffing is still a problem that Google is seeing, even though this tactic is very old. When Google places your site under penalty, your site can be removed from all search results.
  3. Not all links are created equally. Links should be from various sources for the best SEO, with some no-follow, and some from everyday normal sites. Getting links from well-known sites is also a great idea, as those sites are trustworthy. Never, under any circumstances, buy links. This is not good SEO and can raise a red flag to Google.
  4. You are not using social media to the best of your advantage. There are so many social media pages, from Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to YouTube. While it is not possible to hit up every single social media site, picking one or two can help you land better results on the search engine. Google will not notice you posting on these sites, but others will. And when others go to your website, they read your content. And if they like what they see, they share it. This means more traffic to your site, which can inevitably help with your website rankings.


If you have tried all the suggestions above, and are still uncertain as to why your website ranking is not higher, consider contacting Local SEO Company for a free consultation. They can help you stay up to date and ahead of your competition in order to see first page rankings.