How To Write Great Content

How To Write Great ContentEvery website needs writing so the search engines understand what it’s about. However, not just any writing will do. Your words must engage shoppers while also providing SEO content. While this may sound challenging, there are some tips that will help make things easier for you.

Start with an Outline

Remember how your high school English teacher taught you to always start your writing with an outline? Well they were right! Research has shown that when you have an outline available to follow your writing improves. This outline should include all the thoughts you want to address in your article. Initially they don’t need to be in order, but you’ll want to go back and organize them before you start writing.

Armed with this outline, you’re ready to write some great SEO content. Start by getting everything down on paper without worrying about quality or being concise. You’ll have plenty of time to edit it when you’re done.

Conduct Keyword Research

The basis for your article’s relevance comes from the keyword research you conduct. Along the way you’ll probably pick up some new ideas too. However, the one thing you always want to make sure of when you’re creating SEO content is that you’re honestly answering questions people are seeking answers to. Get to know your niche and what language is spoken there. Once you’ve chosen the keywords that are right for you, make sure you use them to replace some of the pronouns in your SEO content.

Take a Look at Your Competition

Look at what websites that are in competition with yours are up to. You’ll rarely find an idea that hasn’t been used before, but when you look at your competition’s website, you’ll find a way to put a different slant on your article – whether this is because of your expertise, the tone you use, or simply your ability to be relatable with your audience. Regardless of how you can make your SEO content stand out you must provide value to your audience by determining what they want then providing it for them. This is based on your keyword research, which is why it’s so important – it’s interwoven throughout your entire writing process.

Keep Things Simple

The only time you should use highly educated language is when your brand’s voice demands it. Otherwise you should be using words that are clear and descriptive. While marketers may enjoy a higher level of language skill, your visitors don’t want to think too hard about what they’re reading or they’ll leave for another website that doesn’t use such high language skills. It’s not that hard to do since there are many websites offering the same information, products and services you do.

Always use Action Words

When you’re writing SEO content you should always use action words. These verbs help you build an experience your visitors can engage in whereas passive verbs simply weigh your content down. Of course, you don’t want to take it overboard here. While it’s fine to repeat your visitors’ questions on your website it’s important to do so with active, engaging words. This won’t only draw your visitors in but it’ll also increase the likelihood of your content getting position zero (placed inside one of the answer boxes) on Google.

When you Can’t do it, Find Someone who Can

Balancing these things with language that your visitors understand is somewhat tricky. Finding a writer who can do these things while providing you with excellent grammatical and spelling skills is another thing that’s tricky. Fortunately, you can combat all these things by working with the great team at Local SEO Company.