Why You Need To Improve Your Local SEO

Why You Need To Improve Your Local SEOAbout 33% of all Google’s mobile searches are local searches. This accounts for a lot of searches today since many people now access the internet in this fashion – something that’s evidenced by the number of “near me” searches that are conducted daily. When people are out and about, they want to find local information about places to eat, shop, and be entertained. There are many reasons why these searches will affect you as a general contractor.

Your Services are Conducted in a Specific Area

This type of marketing is almost a no-brainer because if you don’t have a location in every state you’re tied to a specific location. When using common marketing tactics, you’ll show up for people throughout the country, regardless of their location. With local search your business is only placed in front of people in your local area.

People are Searching for a General Contractor in Your Area

Searches using the words “nearby” or “near me” are increasing because people want to find somewhere local to buy the items they need. This is especially true of services that are delivered “on site,” which includes your services as a general contractor. With the right marketing you’ll be directly in front of the people who you want to have see you the most.

SEO Brings Results

It’s important to understand that this is a great way to drive results. People who find your business in this way are more likely to call. In fact, Google shows that 70% of people who see the click-to-call button click on it. This means that at least 60% of people who see you will call you and another 60% will visit your business, meaning some people will both call and visit you.

SEO Improves Your Sales and Revenue

By doing due diligence here you’ll generate more leads, but these won’t always convert into sales. Nevertheless, the number of conversions is still significant. In fact, over one quarter of those who contact a general contractor will purchase their services. As such, any investment you make here will easily help you grow your sales and thus your revenue as well.

Ranking in the Local SERPs Isn’t Difficult

It’s easier for you to easily rank your business locally because you’re not competing for the same keywords as everyone else. This means there’s less competition unless you’re a big business that everyone is looking to compete with. However, if you focus on the small neighborhoods that you serve, you have a better chance of capitalizing on this.

Local SEO Marketing is Cost Effective

When you look at the figures, you’ll grow convinced that local SEO is what you should indeed concern yourself with because the numbers show that your investment will definitely pay off. The ROI here is even higher than it is when you’re trying to rank high in the regular SERPs. While local services use similar tips and tricks, simply by increasing your targeting you’ll be able to get your website in front of more people who are interested in your services as a general contractor. This happens because the localized information narrows your audience down to people who are more likely looking for your service in your area. Obviously, this is better than regular search engine marketing since you’re no longer worried about being seen by as many people as possible. While this may mean that you won’t generate as many leads, the quality of the ones you generate will be higher.

Improve Your SEO Today

With this rise occurring today, its importance can no longer be ignored. This growth is predicted to continue to grow, which is why you should contact the Local SEO Company today. It is something that you as a general contractor can no longer afford to ignore.