YouTube Digital Marketing Strategies From SEO Experts

YouTube SEO

YouTube is a helpful platform for your business from a digital marketing standpoint. If you are not on top of your game optimizing your content for YouTube, you are missing out.

First off, you must understand that Google owns YouTube. Therefore, they use the exact search mechanisms to give every user the best possible experience. When an individual types a query into the search bar on YouTube, both browsing history and what the person is searching for will be taken into consideration.

It goes without saying that the optimization end will also come into play to determine what results are found. If good titles, tags, and descriptions are used by the video owner, the searcher will have a better impact in finding what they are looking for. And we cannot forget about a channel that has lots of engagement, such as comments and likes. This page will do far better than one without any or few of either.

By following the tips below, you can ensure your digital marketing plan is optimized.

  • Perform keyword research as a first step to use for your title, tags, and descriptions. Feel free to use the search bar autocomplete for this. Type in what your main keyword is, then see what suggestions it gives you for autocomplete. For example, if your keyword was SEO company, autocomplete may provide you with the following:

• SEO company near me
• SEO company near Tampa
• SEO company meaning
• SEO company pricing

  • Next, pick your keywords that have the best possible potential. While it is tempting to choose the keywords that have the most searches, understand that these are highly competitive. Therefore, you will want to utilize long-tail keywords, particularly if you have a smaller company.
  • Your title says a lot about your video. Therefore, it is crucial to have an excellent title that conveys what exactly your video is about. Pick a title that has 47 or 48 characters in the title. Too many more may cause a drop in performance.
  • Use your descriptions wisely. You can be more detailed here, as you have up to 5000 characters for this. Feel free to delve a bit further than what you did with the title.
  • Consider making longer videos. Be sure that the length is relevant to what the topic is. Understand that many videos that are under two minutes are not positioned very well.
  • Encourage your viewers to interact with your videos and channel. This can be done by commenting, liking, sharing, or subscribing. It can be to your advantage to comment back, as it can cause your page to have even more interaction.
  • Question and answer sessions are a huge deal for digital marketing. It provides your users a chance to get to know more about you and your brand. Live sessions have a tendency to make your audience feel like you value them. Interaction can be at an all-time high when you host these sessions.
  • Keep tabs on your metrics! YouTube has a built-in function that allows you to access this. Things you will want to watch include what your traffic sources are, watch time, card CTR, impressions CTR, unique viewers, and subscriber growth.

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