How Video Content Improves Your SEO

SEO: How to Get Your Videos to RankThe best reason to create video content for your brand is search engine optimization (SEO). Not only does search engine optimization form your marketing process’ foundation but it directing impacts your bottom line. Videos greatly impact this. Here are a few reasons why.

Since Google cares about video content, you should too

Google’s internal algorithm generates results for the search engine results pages (SERPs). Here Google values two main things: your content’s quality and its relevance to the original search query. These are determined by what type of media you offer. With a combination of text and video, you’re seen as more informative, so you’ll do better in the SERPs.

Video generates a lot of traffic

Another quality Google looks for when determining your listing in the SERPs is how much incoming traffic your website receives. Google believes that there’s a reason why domains get a lot of regular visitors. They feel that this reason is something that other people who conduct similar searches will also want to know about.

People spend more time on sites with video content

Something else that you must remember about Google is it pays close attention to how much time people spend on your website. This is what’s known as your “bounce rate.” If lots of people come to your site and leave right away, Google assumes that you don’t have good content. To slow your bounce rate you’ll want to use video content since people will stay on your site longer to watch your videos.

People are likelier to watch videos than to read blog posts even if both are conveying the same information. When you improve your bounce rate in this way, you’re also improving SEO since Google will reward you by giving you a boost in the SERPs.

People are more likely to link to video content

High-quality backlinks play a critical role in Google’s SERPs. This means that the more people who visit your domain the more authority Google thinks you have. You’ll want this authority as it helps you rank higher in the SERPs. The best way to get these results is to publish video content on social media sites, VOD sites, and YouTube. This also produces a positive ripple effect across your social media sites and although Google doesn’t tell you exactly how its algorithm works, there’s strong evidence that getting a lot of social media shares will also help you rise higher in the SERPs.

Videos make your SEO better

All these tips show you how to use videos on your site to improve your SEO and rank higher in Google’s SERPs. While this is great, it’s meaningless if you aren’t able to convert the traffic. This is another way that videos can make a big impact.

When a visitor can view a video of your product they’re twice as likely to buy it. Therefore videos don’t only help you in the SERPs, but they also help you convert your visitors into paying customers. This is why videos are so important at every stage of your sales funnel. The gains they make in your search engine marketing are a great return on investment – one you can’t afford to miss out on.

The bottom line is you need videos to help with your SEO

Of course, videos aren’t the only thing that’s important for your search engine listings. With so many pieces of the puzzle and so little time, you need some help to get your site where you want it to be. This is why you should contact us at the Local SEO Tampa Company in Tampa, FL.