Adapting The SEO Campaign To Neutralize The Effect Of COVID-19 Pandemic

Adapting The SEO Campaign To Neutralize The Effect Of COVID-19 PandemicThese are unprecedented and uncertain times as almost all businesses are facing some kind of struggle. It may be a lack of demand, or problems in the supply chain, or some issues of other sorts. Everyone is trying to figure out ways of keeping their business afloat during the COVID-19 crisis. Can SEO be the solution to some of the problems? Yes, it can! Here are some significant steps for adapting the SEO strategy to counter the global COVID-19 pandemic and get organic traffic.

1. Focus your website on things that are likely to be in demand: This is an obvious step you need to take in the beginning. However, several businesses are missing this. In case your products and services are not in demand at the moment, highlight the products that are in demand. If your main products are sold out or out of stock, shorten up the product line to show what you can deliver quickly. In almost all cases re-focusing the product and content marketing strategies are likely to improve both organic traffic and customer engagement. Even if you are a B2B kind of setup, try to gear the topics towards families, kids, parents, and teachers, etc. Concentrate on health and wellness products. You might not be able to get hand sanitizers but you can sell DIY kits by using the products and services available on your site. Do not stress over traffic regulations too much. Things are changing and there is no denying this fact but remember, these changes are likely to be temporary and things will get back to normal when the COVID-19 panic settles down.

2. Keep your clients informed about the present situation: Be quick and place a disclaimer on the Home page letting the clients know about the present shipping problems you are experiencing and about the possible workarounds. When you are selling essential products and you find yourself unable to get sufficient stocks, quickly try to go the extra distance by telling your client how they can survive till you get the fresh stocks. If possible inform them about the DIY option and even provide instructions on the Home page about it. Being helpful can go a long way toward building client relationships. Provide a COVID-19 notice on the Home page including safety measures, change in delivery timings, and how you are helping the community to survive the epidemic. You can provide discounts, extended return options/warranties, etc.

3. Develop Linkable Assets for Building and Attracting Links: At the risk of sounding a bit pragmatic, crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic offer better opportunities to develop high-quality links. At the moment the journalists and educators are thinking about new ways of turning around the situation and offer their readers ways of getting through the quarantine period. So, can you provide an opportunity for free education? Can your digital assets and products cover for some of their needs? Try to develop a campaign around it. You can create linkable assets such as survey-based data on the impact of COVID-19 on your industry, a DIY guide about alternatives to the essential products, what to do during the quarantine period, some free downloads for homeschooling, etc. You can use a personalized campaign to reach out to the journalists and teachers that may be able to link. If you do these things right you may get a flood of links.

COVID-19 Challenge and Competition
We have entered challenging times due to the COVID-19 situation. But all businesses face challenges at some point in time. Luckily, it is not likely that you are going to watch your competitors climb up quickly while you are still in the doldrums. Everyone is facing the storm and when there is a challenge there is always an opportunity for creative and flexible businessmen who are willing to work with reliable partners.

Most people will find that they need the services of professionals going forward. For those having businesses in the Tampa, FL region you can contact Local SEO Tampa Company as they can provide SEO marketing strategies useful for local marketing. Sometimes it is better to have professionals to convince the clients to stick with you through the crisis.