SEO Marketing Clients Handling During The Coronavirus Pandemic (Part 2)

SEO Marketing Clients Handling During The Coronavirus Pandemic (Part 2)Not a single industry is remaining in the world that is not affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Here are some better practices for SEO marketing to plan their strategies more effectively. Firstly. Let’s not stop doing business as normal. Take time to analyze what is happening and be ready to re-allocate the budget and be more creative. SEO campaigns are getting re-adjusted for better targeting the local markets in the fields of investments, retail, and hospitality.

Be Alert and Flexible While Handling SEO Clients

We are already observing a change in focus while acquiring new customers who are paid, clients. There has been a shift in budgeting towards retargeting the campaigns, content creation, and CRO. There might be a reduction in the overall spending in case the conversion rates are softening however, continuous monitoring will be needed for any changes in customer behavior. Some clients would have even seen an influx in their budget due to the cancelled TV spots. However, you are required to be smart about how you will spend and plan for the foreseeable future.

Set Targets and Communicate with the Clients Extensively

The various e-commerce companies will be looking for opportunities but even a top company such as Amazon is facing issues due to the shipping delays and constant disruptions in the supply chain. Some clients are opting for continued paid media spending for the out-of-stock items due to the international supply problems. However, the constant strong sales are possible as a result of prominent messaging regarding pre-ordering and prior shipping dates along with discounts on the out-of-stock items. Generally speaking, it is necessary to keep landing pages, websites, and campaign messaging updated. You might be required to create dedicated landing pages having specific messaging as new concerns come up. However, there may be bandwidth issues that may crop up due to new copy and creative requests.

Look for Ways of Trimming the Costs that are Getting You Nothing

In case you are getting lots of coronavirus costs from the branded campaigns which rank no 1 in the SERPs organically you need to break the campaign. The environment is completely different at the moment and the past setups may not apply anymore. You may be required to use some anecdotal information. Monitor the situation closely and make adjustments as required however, don’t do it so fast that you are not getting the real and actionable information. The internet marketing team will have an opportunity to work with PR and comm teams to decide the messaging to the clients and build a long term affinity towards the brand.

Designing SEO Marketing Strategies for Clients

Stay on course with the existing SEO strategy but you may be required to make some changes. The onsite messaging can change temporarily for addressing the current situation. You need to monitor the keywords every week continuously for the related trends regarding both one for adjusting how people may look at the information or two for blog post ideas for your clients. You may not see clear trends for another 3 to 6 weeks. But it will be a good idea to get ahead of competitors in terms of understanding the situation as it presents itself.


There is every chance that your SEO marketing clients are stressed and overwhelmed. Do not shut down everything just think about how you should deliver meaningful content to the clients. Although there will be a slowdown in the case of most industries, you can get in touch with affordable SEO professionals such as Local SEO Tampa Company for more comprehensive solutions pertaining to the local SEO.

Picture Credit: Pixabay