SEO Tactics During Coronavirus Crisis Recovery

SEO Tactics During Coronavirus Crisis RecoveryIt certainly is not a time to panic. It doesn’t mean that you should not take the coronavirus pandemic seriously. But you need to know that several businesses are well placed to protect and in many cases improve their SEO strategies. It is crucial for their business partner as well. Although you have an obligation to your family, community, and the law, you need to protect your business also. This means you have to use the tools that are available to you and for most companies, it is the SEO. The cost-effective marketing strategy provides several opportunities during difficult times.

1. Do not cut the SEO budget, increase it: All managers are looking to cut costs all the time. Not only during the economic downturn but at all times. However, when you see the unemployment tick up it is tempting to stop all activities not related to operations directly. This is exactly what happened in 2008 economic downturn until marketing expenditure came surging back in 2011 and SEO was a big contributor here. Most of your competitors will also be thinking about cutting their SEO budget. If this happens their ranking will start to slip as the Google algorithms realize that nothing is happening on the site. This makes the coveted first-page territory more accessible to the others. Remember, the SERPs always will be captured by the businesses that are committed to SEO. If any leads are out there this is where they will come from.

2. Revise the SEO strategy: There are always new opportunities to be found in SEO. If you have stayed clear of trying to rank for some keywords because you didn’t stand a chance against bigger competitors, things have changed. These page one rankings are more vulnerable now especially if they cut down their SEO provisions. There is no need to take out 10 competitors on the organic SERPs to reach there, just a single one is enough. However, keep in mind that you may be ranking for something that no longer is in demand for your business. Take a close look at the keywords and decide the ones the target audience will be looking for.

3. Post factual content: If people are uncertain about things they are looking for truth. You will be aware of this if you have been involved in SEO earlier. You will need to post reliable and factual information because Google has a way of sorting out the websites containing inaccurate and superfluous information. Therefore if you have been successful it is because your content delivered things of value. People prefer to stay away from gimmicks at a time like this. You must post well-documented and useful information supported by credible resources that can be relied upon.

4. Audit the existing website pages: The old and outdated information has always been detrimental to SEO. However, how can you go through dozens of pages of content to ensure that all the information is still relevant? How often can you click on the embedded links in the content to ensure that they are still working? Here is a checklist you or your valued employees can use for the site.

  • Read through all the content posted on your website.
  • Click on all the links.
  • Review everything from forms, buttons, and contact info.
  • Check the navigation of the website.

There are thousands of SEO professionals working in the U.S alone and there is intense competition to land new clients. Unless you are in the top 5 positions of SERPs you will not generate leads. If you are looking to develop and maintain an SEO campaign for the coronavirus situation and later especially in Tampa area, contact the Local SEO Tampa Company for details.