Coronavirus Situation And SEO Marketing (Part 1)

Coronavirus Situation And SEO MarketingEveryone in the world will be aware of the coronavirus situation by now. The sad reality is that the virus is spreading quickly and is likely to keep on spreading for some time. Nobody knows how many people are going to get affected by the coronavirus and how many of them are going to die from the infection. The coronavirus situation has caused the global markets to crash down heavily and it means if you are an SEO marketer or a business you are bound to be affected. So, what does it mean for you? Let’s see what you should not do first.

Don’t Try to Exploit the Situation

Normally, the first thing people try to do is take advantage of the situation and exploit the prevalent fear. Supplies are running low at the moment around the world and there is a shortage of toilet paper, sanitizers, and masks along with other fundamental necessities. You can find marketers buying them and later selling them on e-Bay or running ads for selling them at a 10 to 50X price. This is not marketing, neither is it entrepreneurship. It is recommended that you try and not exploit the coronavirus situation and make a quick buck. Not only is this unethical and wrong but short-sighted. You may succeed in making that quick buck but it will not last. You will be better served with spending the time on long term investments.

Businesses will Struggle for Some Time

Even if the threat of coronavirus simmers down quickly as the dropping numbers in China might indicate, the businesses are going to struggle for more than a year as they desperately try and recover from the losses. For instance, the sales figures dropped by more than 20% and the unemployment rate has risen to more than 6% in China in February.

When you see resilient companies such as Apple shutting down to decrease the spread rate it means less profit and less income. They will be paying to the employees during this period however, but not all companies have a bank balance like theirs and most of them will struggle. Now take a look at the travel industry. Coronavirus is expected to cost 820 billion dollars to them. Virgin Atlantic has asked its employees to take unpaid leave for 8 weeks.

Various ports around the globe are empty and you can already see initial rounds of layoffs in them. It is estimated that coronavirus will cost the global economy something in the region of $2.5 trillion. It is not only a fact that people are going to lose money but the SEO marketers will lose traffic and conversion rates will fall.

Conversion Rate Down for Most industries

From the viewpoint of conversion rate, we have seen a drop in the case of most industries. Even in the case of the financial sector which had a big boom in traffic, we can see a drop in the conversion rate. Only the media websites have seen an upsurge with large conversion rates as people flock the media to read the coronavirus update. People don’t want to miss the latest financial and political updates.


People are cutting back as everyone is expecting the economy to get hit by around $2.5 trillion and experts are predicting recession even for the SEO marketing sector. You will need the services of SEO professionals going forward. You can get in touch with Local SEO Tampa Company for a local SEO marketing strategy in the Tampa, FL region. You will need a real strategy moving forward and how you can convince your clients to stay with you is going to take some professional and profound efforts. Think of your clients as partners and confide the situation with them.