Create Content to Support Local SEO so you can Rock the Rankings

Rock your content rankings with local SEOMany changes are taking place in SEO today thanks to the rise of mobile search. The most dramatic change has occurred regarding local content. Most of us realize this is because of the 2014 Google Pigeon update which allowed for greater search visibility for local directories. It’s responsible for giving local content a foothold. Now that over one-third of mobile searches are local related, it’s no wonder this has become so important.

Properly Optimizing Your Local Content

This is a great strategy for small businesses and service related industries that primarily market within a set geographic area. Here you’ll want to make your website mobile friendly and localize your schema markup – something only 17% of marketers do today. There are multiple ways in which you’ll need to do this, including:

  • Insert local keywords into your title and meta description tags
  • Insert geographic keywords as close to the beginning of the tag as possible so it isn’t truncated
  • Include other relevant information on your website including local landmarks and testimonials from your customers
  • Create local content for your blog, guest posts, and other online websites
  • Link your website with other local websites that contain information about your area
  • Host, attend, and sponsor local events
  • Offer to give guest lectures at local schools and universities
  • Acquire directory links and mentions
  • Insert landing page links into relevant citations
  • Acquire local media coverage

Creating Written Local SEO Content

One of the best ways of dealing with local SEO is by writing local content – something that many people outside of local news stations and influencers are overlooking today. This is a great strategy though because it employs many of these aforementioned strategies in the creation of written content. There are many ideas you can center your content around including writing about information that pertains to:

  • Local news and events
  • Your business’ niche – especially when unique to your geographical area
  • Answers people in your area are seeking

The best way to start creating this type of local content is by talking to people in your city or town. You can also use Google’s Keyword Planner to find keywords that relate to the topics that came up in these conversations. Another option is to consult your current traffic’s analytics to see how people are reaching you so you can work on those areas that aren’t as popular whether that’s direct traffic, social media, or the SERPs. In doing so you’ll find new channels on which to publish content and promote your business so that you can draw the attention of new customers.

There’s more to local SEO than just acquiring directory links and registering for Google My Business. Undoubtedly these things are important but there are other things that are equally as important. To take advantage of these things you should consider hiring a company to help you with this. At Local SEO Tampa Company we’ve been helping customers in this regard for several years now. They’ve improved their “game” plan here and we look forward to helping you improve yours too.