Creating a Successful Social Media and SEO Strategy

Creating Social Media Strategy and SEO StrategyViral and social media marketing are common initiatives for building a business. However, viral marketing is based more on luck than anything else. This is why you need to focus more on creating SEO optimized content that you can post in various places. For this to work, you’ll need to take several steps.

Create Social Media Accounts

Create a profile on each of these high-authority sites including LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Reddit. While you don’t need a lot of followers, you do need real people in your target market who can relate to your content. These people will share your content, like it, and comment on it too. This will help your website do better in the SERPs.

Identify who Your Customers Are

The customers you want to target are those who are online following your niche’s top leaders โ€“ people with over 2,000 followers in specific. This is the audience that you want to tap into. It will take you at least 30 days to find and add 1,000 of these people to each of your social media accounts. Your ultimate goal is for them to become focused on what you’re offering.

Leverage Your Viral Content

Once you have followers you want to keep them engaged. This, in turn, will help to drive traffic to your website by another means other than SEO. To do this you need to first identify existing viral content that’s related to your niche. A great example of this is news stories. You can easily find this simply by going to Google News and typing in your niche. There you’ll find a lot of stories with eye-catching headlines. Another place to find this content is on YouTube. Viral videos are great for posting on social media. Don’t forget to add this content to your blog too. This will draw more traffic to there and help you with SEO, which is something you don’t want to forget about.

Tweak Your Content

Use news stories that have gone viral to your benefit. Sometimes this means writing another article on this topic with a headline that’s even more eye-catching. When you do this, it’s important to find an exciting new image too. Doing so creates new viral content for your website, which helps with your SEO. You can also use this same strategy when creating new viral videos. Essentially all you’re doing is creating new content that includes the viral video that already exists. Make sure you share it all over social media too.

Post More Content

As you post more content on social media you’ll start seeing great results. Since you’ve taken the time to create a large audience to develop and share content with they’ll take an active role here as well. They’ll like, share, and comment on your content โ€“ even following it through to visit your website too. This is great for you in the SERPs too since every time someone interacts with your content they create a unique backlink to your website for you.

Local SEO Company can help you get traffic, build brand awareness, and leverage customers. This is important when you’re building a customer base for your business. Bringing attention to your business through relevant content takes a lot of time though. Since you probably don’t have much time for this, we invite you to contact us today.