Future Of SEO Marketing And Handling SEO Marketing Clients Post Coronavirus (Part 3)

Future Of SEO Marketing And Handling SEO Marketing Clients Post Coronavirus (Part 3)The situation at the moment regarding coronavirus is affecting all industries be it SEO, airlines, restaurants, tourism, and more. The self-quarantine and social distancing measures that are being made binding to people across the country can mean catastrophe for a lot of businesses. However, you will find certain SEO teams ready for handling support to core businesses and help them set the stage for the future once the coronavirus crisis is over.

End of the Coronavirus Crisis

There will come a time when all this is past and according to the current estimates, it will come after a few months. It is after that we will able to live in the fashion we are used to. We will have a better idea of whether we are right within 4-7 weeks. This will depend on the performance of various countries in handling the coronavirus situation and how their attempts fare. In the meantime, people are going to be stir crazy and this is going to take close to 2 months before the scenario is normal. The end of the crisis is significant because it will allow people to plan for the future. You will find many people cooped up and looking to go out but cannot. Some of them will have access to the internet as well.

Tighten Your Targeting Efforts and Try to Develop Long Term Offers

Several industries are experiencing intense financial contractions due to the traveling restrictions and other bans but there are some opportunities available to spend money wisely. If your hospitality business owner client has shifted the spending from short-term bookings to broader long-term planning you need to ensure that you set up negative matches for coronavirus and cancel search terms. This will make sure that your clients are not wasting their money on people who are not looking to make a booking. The retail brands that are tied to the travel goods are also experiencing steep declines in sales and are forced to offer discounts with messages specific to the crisis and focusing on affinity and sentiment.

Plan for Post Coronavirus Scenario

Another significant aspect post coronavirus crisis will be proactively handling changes and find out solutions. Hospitality and travel brands are facing drastically fewer opportunities while other businesses such as event management are facing even fewer opportunities for their capabilities to operate. If you have clients that specialize in education and on-site training you will find them investing in short-term virtual events along with live seminars. It means splitting between existing audiences and the new ones. Some businesses that are temporarily shut down such as movie theaters have stopped a large amount of ad spending. However, audit their content thoroughly while investing in future operations.

Use the Latest Technology

You will be required to leverage the latest technology for various things such as task management, team communication, and video conferencing. It means you are connected with your clients no matter where you are. Ensure that you and your team are trained and comfortable using the latest technology and also think about on-demand training that is offered by the different software available. Arrange meetings with your clients to clarify how you intend to use the technology.


Another challenge you may face is having to operate from home effectively for SEO marketing efforts. Some SEO marketing companies are built for remote work. They have client communication teams which have to toggle between client meetings, office, and traveling between these two. You will get a lot of advice about how to collaborate and work efficiently with your clients in the Tampa, FL area from Local SEO Tampa Company.