Google Reviews Can Help Local SEO

How important are Google reviews for SEOIf you want to rank higher and convert your searchers into clients, Google Reviews are perfect for that. Many local SEO specialists have used Google Reviews to help them. And the great thing is that so many of your clients are glad to write assessments no matter if you have requested them to do so or not.

Now, you may be thinking, but what if these clients leave negative reviews? While no company wants adverse reviews, local SEO specialists say that these assessments can aid you. You simply need to make sure that you address the issue right away. Negative reviews that are left with no response can show many things about your company, the first one being that you do not care, and second, that you are not listening.

If you have been wondering what Google Reviews can do for you, keep reading as we have provided all the benefits.

Right now is an excellent time to invest in Google Reviews as many individuals have been using online searches now more than ever due to the pandemic. This means that you want to have your company exposed so everyone who needs the services you provide can find your business. Right now, those who use reviews to decide on the product or services they use are climbing. Just two years ago, a whopping 87% of consumers read online reviews to help them decide which ones are the best fit for them.

Based on Local Consumer Review Survey, a local SEO specialist will tell you that 97% of consumers are using online media when researching what is best for them. While 90% of those will utilize the search engines, 48% have been known to look at Yellow Pages Internet. Twenty-four percent employ vertical pages while 42% utilize comparison shopping sites.

If you’re not familiar with Google Reviews, you might wonder how to even get them. Or how to find them. The best type of Google Reviews is those that are left on a Google Business Profile page. Some may leave assessments on social media sites. And you can also place a testimonial section on your website for clients to write their thoughts and opinions.

Heard the idiom”Ask and you shall receive”? This applies to Google Reviews. Most of your customers are more than happy to write reviews about your products, courtesies, or company if you ask. This may be completed in a variety of ways. Some businesses will email or text a copy of a receipt and request a review that way. Others will provide an offer in these emails or texts for a certain percentage of their next purchase for writing an assessment.

You may also consider leaving a link on your receipts to your social media pages, Google Business Profile, or other assessment websites.

You will want to make sure that your clients have straightforward access to these reviews. On your website, you can use banners to lead your clients in the right direction of assessments you have received. Always remember that the simpler you make it to leave a review, the more effortless it is to have a client leave a link.

Let’s get back to those adverse assessments. When unfavorable reviews are left, they should be addressed immediately. You can look at adverse reviews as a way for your company to not only grow but also to illustrate to others how you handle negative issues. Customers will see that your company cares when you respond back and that you want to take care of the unfavorable issue. Just remember not everyone has to like your service or product, but if you are getting more negative reviews than positive ones, you ought to reevaluate what you are doing right and wrong.

Clients are always going to want to have interactions with companies they can trust. This is why so many of them will look for friends and family members to request recommendations for products or services. You can think of online reviews as an extension to this. If you are a company that needs assistance with local SEO in Tampa, FL, give Local SEO Tampa Company a call today.