Why Duplicate Content Is Never A Good Idea

the effect of duplicate contentWe have all heard it is best to refrain from using duplicate content. After all, Google says it will not help you in your attempts to do SEO on your website. There are duplicate content checkers that are able to tell if you have copied anything from another site. Once you understand why you should not double up on content, you will be able to place content on your site and let your website flourish without too much worry.

Any content you add to your website should be unique. Content should never be copied from any other site. Google feels that all content on every site should be relevant to its users, and if so, then your authority online will increase. Furthermore, duplicate content is often viewed as spam, and it will be harder for anyone in the professional world to gain your trust.

Search engines want content that is unique and not found at 100s of other sites. Unique content will allow the SERPs to pull up a variety of information about one topic. Google can tell if you have duplicate content on your website. And if you do, rest assured that they will not find your site as credible as others. This, in turn, can affect your SEO ratings. Instead of being on the first page like you anticipate, you may wind up on the third or fourth page, or even worse.

A website is likely to rank higher when original and unique content is used. Your website will be viewed as more credible as long as the information you provide is correct and relevant to your website or brand. And as an extra bonus, if your content is credible, you will earn authority, which can further lead to backlinks.

Now you may be thinking that sometimes duplicate writing is bound to occur because you need to put some information in about your brand on a few different pages. You may consider using canonical tags to show Google the page needs to have on-page SEO on a few pages of your website. If none of these tags are utilized, Google will determine for you which pages to index. These tags are a wonderful way to have the search engine decrease the effect of duplicate content.

There is a lot of content for the search engines to review and index. With so many spammers online now, website owners must realize it is a tough job, but Google has made it work. Filters are utilized to throw out data that Google is already aware of. You will not be penalized for this. Algorithms are used to issue penalties, or a search engine may also be used.

If you are not able to write content that is original yourself, you may consider hiring a content writer to do so for you. However, be wary of those that sound too good to be true. While you certainly do not want to pay an arm and a leg for your writing, it is better to pay a bit more to have content that is relevant and up to date than to have old content that everyone else has on their site.

And speaking of hiring a content writer, be sure you do not provide any unreasonable time frames or directions as this can cause your website to suffer.

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