Homebuilder Search Engine Optimization: A Potential Tool To Reach More Clients

Homebuilder Search Engine Optimization: A Potential Tool To Reach More ClientsSearch Engine Optimization, when done properly, is better than any targeted advertisement campaign. That is because over 90% of internet searches go through Google and Google’s algorithms use keywords that people type in to help bring up pages that they might be interested in which could be yours.

Particularly in industries where you must see large volumes of people before making a sale, like the homebuilding industry, SEO can be an invaluable tool to help grow your business for free and better than your competitors. Obviously, you would want people just to search for your company’s name and they come to your page. This is what most of your competitors probably do and it is a huge mistake.

Why is that? Because people wanting to buy a custom home are probably going to do a whole bunch of searches before ever coming to your website. These potential customers might even be looking for products or services completely unrelated to custom homes but homebuilder SEO can help bring these people to your company before they see a competitor.

One of the best ways to guarantee that your website shoots to the top of Google searches is by creating consistent, quality content. The content should seek to answer common questions people might have which will eventually lead them to you when you provide them with a solution!

When creating this content, you should never lose focus that the goal is to sell someone a custom home. Because of that, do not write just generic content related to buying a home but material more focused toward your niche such as how to obtain financing to help build a custom home.

Below you will find some suggestions for creating relevant content that is engaging and will bring customers. Obviously, you do not have to do all of these, even though it would be great if you did, but doing at least some of these will surely make your homebuilder SEO much more effective.

Bringing Others onto Your Website

You would be foolish to think you have all the answers or know everything in your field. Since none of us could possibly know everything, try reaching out to other, knowledgeable people who can publish guest posts would bring some new flare. Additionally, instead of letting others write, you could even do interviews yourself and then publish your findings on your website.

By bringing on additional people, you have the added benefit of eliminating your own bias and bringing fresh, new ideas you might not have thought about otherwise. These industry experts will probably also have their own websites and blogs that they can broadcast your business, which would only make the efforts of your homebuilder SEO snowball.

Making Unrelated Content Related to You

As mentioned earlier, people are probably not looking for you so that means you will have to write about things to make them want to come to your website. Here are some common topics you can use homebuilder SEO to make people more enticed to use your services:


Writing about moving is a great way to utilize homebuilder SEO to generate views to your website because people move every day and they need to go to a new home. Why not one of yours?

There is a lot that goes into a move from picking the right movers, to the insurance, to how to pack and account for property, and countless other things that people have questions about all the time. You could then throw in suggestions like how your company would let them use your custom homes as storage while work is still being done or something to that effect.


Most homeowners are not going to be able to afford to pay for a home out of pocket and need some sort of financing. The good news here is there are literally limitless topics to write about for custom homes and utilizing homebuilder SEO. It does not matter what you write about as long as you can tie in the end result or talk specifics about a custom home in the end.

Local Amenities

Maybe your business operates near some high profile retirement communities or large schools. Maybe there is a lot of businesses that bring outside workers who may not like the style of homes traditionally being built in the area. Maybe you build homes close to a downtown area. The options here are endless. As long as you use good homebuilder SEO you are sure to interest some people who are simply doing some research about the area.


Custom homebuilding companies who want to drum up more business and achieve success in their online presence need to utilize proper SEO techniques to draw more customers in before they realize it. The professionals at Local SEO Tampa are more than qualified to help you with that since we know the area and have years of experience to create the most engaging, original, and optimized content for you.