How AI Impacts SEO

Artificial Intelligence Search Reduces LinksMarketers have been doing a lot of speculating about how they believe that search engines that use artificial intelligence will produce more answers than links. This fear has led them to also believe that there will be less traffic shared amongst millions of websites. While this concern regarding AI SEO is likely overblown, ask any SEO company, and they’ll tell you that this is something that should be acknowledged.

As a business, a good SEO company will tell you that you shouldn’t panic when it comes to AI SEO. There’s no way that artificial intelligence can destroy organic search traffic. However, they’ll also acknowledge that it’s hard to ignore just how popular ChatGPT is. Therefore, as a business, you do need to plan for the possible outcomes that artificial intelligence may bring about.

Artificial Intelligence Search Reduces Links
There are many tools (e.g., Google’s Bard, Bing’s ChatGPT, and Baidu’s Wenxin Yiyan) that are focusing on natural language responses today. So, when a human asks one of these tools a question, AI will attempt to answer it in a paragraph, not simply provide them with a link. Many people will argue that this is both desirable and logical. Google clearly understands this. They offer answers to a lot of questions in their featured snippets section, which is found at the top of many SERPs.

One example of this is if you tell Google to “define artificial intelligence” and it finds that the top result comes directly from a dictionary, Google will give you a direct answer instead of giving you a link. This is something that Google is doing now without even adding AI chat tools. It’s also an example that they used when they shared their Bard chat AI announcement.

In certain respects, AI’s response is similar to what you’re already receiving with voice search. For instance, both depend on websites to gather responses. In this way, AI SEO isn’t putting an end to organic search traffic. It’s simply changing the way that an SEO company optimizes your website for it.

Introducing Answer Engine Optimization (AEO)
AEO’s goal is to improve your website’s ranking on search platforms that are answer focused. This includes virtual assistants, voice, and now AI Chat. Ask any SEO company, and they’ll tell you that this type of SEO has existed for years already. It’s something that many businesses are already doing: They’re identifying their visitor’s questions and answering them in a way that an artificial intelligence-driven national language processor would understand.

One example that an SEO company recently gave occurs when ChatGPT is having a conversation with a user. Many people are excited about this because they feel they’ll get better results. However, you’ll need to optimize for it by focusing on natural language questions instead of keywords. If you look at it this way, you’re simply changing what you focus on.

AI SEO Delivers Better Results
While you may still be concerned about AI SEO, many people believe that it’ll dramatically increase the amount of traffic many websites receive. If this is true, AI search will provide you with more opportunities. This will occur because they’ll strive to provide more accurate and relevant information. Doing so will increase organic traffic to those websites that have the most relevant content.

New Search Engines Pop Up
More AI-driven search engines will come into existence, and as that happens, you’ll need a cutting-edge SEO company on your side. At the Local SEO Tampa Company in Tampa, FL, we understand that the market is paying attention to ChatGPT. Entrepreneurs love the promises it brings with it, but they also need to understand that besides optimizing for Google, they now need to conduct AI SEO. For help with this and your many other search engine concerns, contact us today.