How To Make Your Law Firm More Visible In The Search Engines

How To Make Your Law Firm More Visible In The Search EnginesAlthough most law firms understand that it’s important for them to have a website, many don’t know much about using search engine optimization (SEO) to get organic traffic for lead generation. Fortunately, there are some tips that you can use here so this task doesn’t feel so daunting.

Identifying Law Firm SEO Keywords

Your first and most important step in law firm SEO is to determine your keywords. These will be specific to your law firm as these are what people will typically search for in order to find you. To discover these keywords you’ll want to use Google Analytics.

Long-tail Lawyer SEO Keywords

These are strings of words that you’ll want to target. For instance, they may be a question (e.g. guidance in a specific situation). By using these keywords you’ll be able to improve your ranking and target specific clients who may want to know more about the services you offer.

Short-Tail Lawyer SEO Keywords

These are short (no more than three keywords), generic keywords that cover your brand. They’ll open up the pool of search results and limit your law firm’s visibility. Nevertheless, these keywords (e.g. “injury lawyer,” “defense attorney”) play an important role in lawyer SEO.

Incorporating Law Firm SEO Keywords

Once you have the keywords you want to use in lawyer SEO you’ll need to strategically incorporate them throughout your website. There are certain places where you’ll want to use them so they’re identified within the search engine algorithm.

Titles, Subheadings, and Headlines (H2 or H3)

Visitors will naturally look at your website’s titles and headings. By making these things prominent they’re likely to find what they’re looking for and spend more time on your page.

Meta Descriptions

Your meta description will appear in the search results. It’s there to offer a small statement about what can be found on your website. For good lawyer SEO, you’ll want to make sure you incorporate your keywords as you tell your viewer what they’ll find here.


Search engines use your alt text to determine what your images are about. You’ll also want to use an image title tag to tell searchers what the image is about. Not only will this help with your lawyer SEO but it’ll help your visitors too.

Avoid “Keyword Stuffing”

Once you start using keywords for the purpose of law firm SEO you’ll want to make sure that you don’t overdo it. While you want these strategically placed throughout your website if you overuse them you’ll appear spammy and may be penalized for what’s known as “keyword stuffing.” Unfortunately, this can even be enough to get you delisted from Google which is why it’s so important to use caution with your law firm SEO.

Creating Fresh Content for Law Firm SEO

Those law firms that have marketing departments may find that their lawyers are continually receiving requests for content. This is because blog posts are a great way to naturally feed keywords to search engines. In fact, those law firms that post at least once a week are more visible to the search engines.

How to Create Blog Posts

While you may find yourself limited for time and wondering what you should write about creating a blog doesn’t have to be something that overwhelms you. Invest your time in writing about those topics that you feel passionate about. You can also write answers to the most commonly asked questions (this is a great way to diminish the likelihood that you’ll need to answer the same question repeatedly) or address any legislation that affects your law firm.

Make sure you use your keywords in the appropriate places (e.g. title, subheadings, sprinkled throughout the blog’s body). You don’t want to overdo it with the use of keywords in lawyer SEO though. Instead, try to keep your keywords to only 5 per post.

Think of your blog as a way to position yourself as a leader in those areas where you’re well versed.

Since mastering law firm SEO takes time and practice you probably don’t have, you should check out the services that are offered by the Local SEO Company in Tampa Bay, FL. Put them to work for you and see how they can make your firm’s website really stand out.