Signs That You Need A Better Lawyer SEO Expert For Your Law Firm

Signs That You Need A Better Lawyer SEO Expert For Your Law FirmThere are some big reasons why various law firms decide to substitute their lawyer SEO partner and look for a more dependable alternative. There are several fake SEO experts around who promise big results to the law firms for less than $1000 per month. These companies keep on cashing checks for many months until the law firms finally realize that their lawyer SEO performance hasn’t improved one little bit. Keep in mind that high-quality SEO is never cheap. Here are the reasons for the law firms to drop their SEO partner.

1. Need for a passionate SEO professional: Many times lawyers fail to realize that there is a big difference between a web developer and a true SEO expert. They end up hiring people that build beautiful sites but these experts are not necessarily updated about the changes happening in the world of SEO. They may not understand writing content, link building, the complexity of technical SEO, and the practical experience of marketing a law firm. A high-quality lawyer SEO expert should be able to demonstrate how he will go about his campaign for the law firm.

2. Poor communication and mismanaged expectations: A nebulous report from Google Analytics should not suffice for the law firm. A good SEO pro must be able to make the client comfortable by communicating the report well. Let them know what you are doing to improve their online performance. The SEO expert must talk to their clients regularly to show his performance. You must perform a technical audit where you show what is broken and how you intend to fix it. You must inform the clients about the links you have built, the content you have generated, improved ranking, and the leads you have received.

3. Lack of tracking: It is absolutely necessary to set up tracking. It is one of the first things a good SEO partner will do. For instance, call tracking, goals, and events in Google Analytics is imperative. If you are running a content or link building campaign you should be able to show what you are doing to the client. Tracking helps you to set goals and verify whether they have been achieved. If you don’t have the empirical evidence due to lack of tracking you will not be able to make informed decisions.

4. Lack of a content strategy: It is next to impossible to see an improvement in traffic to a site without a proper content strategy. Many law firms think that hiring SEO professionals can do magic to double the traffic but SEO is not magic. There is a lot of hard work involved in several sectors. This also needs high-quality content. Without a content strategy, traffic will not improve. For achieving more traffic, cases, and leads you will need to provide Google targeted content.

5. Lack of useful link building strategy: Publishing content and cleaning up the technical SEO problems only can get you so far. You will also need aggressive link building strategies to win in competitive areas such as law firms. A lot of lawyer SEO firms ignore link building or don’t do it at all. Many companies use it but they are outdated. For lawyer SEO the link building is likely to do more damage than good. You will need to build safe links and keep in mind that link building is related to quality and not quantity.

6. Lack of client educating: A good lawyer SEO expert will always educate his client about his progress on all the accounts we have discussed so far. Apart from this, the attorneys must put in efforts to genuinely understand the updates published by Google otherwise they are liable to be taken advantage of.

All said and done you need to stop switching SEO agencies for at least six months although you must end the cycle of failure and insanity immediately. When you are looking for a lawyer SEO expert get someone with real experience working for other law firms. Always check their references and keep educating yourself constantly. In case you need help for keeping ahead of the lawyer SEO game reach out to the Local SEO Tampa Company especially for local SEO in the Tampa, FL area.