Why Keyword Density Is Still A Useful Metric

Why Keyword Density Is Still A Useful MetricWhen people were just getting started with SEO they’d frequently increase their keyword density so that they could move up in ranking. This eventually led to people trying to find the “perfect” number of times to repeat a keyword so that they could convince the search engines of their page’s relevance. Unfortunately, this led to a lot of low-quality pages that were written for the search engines – not the people who use them. This is something that’s still commonly done today.

Today’s Best Practices

Today it’s important to focus on writing good content that adheres to a topic. While you’ll want to use your keywords a few times throughout the content you don’t need to worry about how many times or where they’re placed. Instead, your job is to write the best article possible about a single topic. Your goal is to create a great resource for those who are looking for information about this topic. For instance, if you’re writing a guide about landscape photography you wouldn’t want to talk about baking but you should talk about things like cameras and photography software that are related to the topic.

Getting the right balance here can be challenging. Fortunately, Google is able to understand language today. Since people use keyword phrases to help them find what they’re looking for they’ll also use them in determining your content’s relevancy. This is why Google tries to determine a search’s intent and provide searchers with the best possible results. It’s also why a multitude of factors are important to SEO today.

Using Keyword Density in SEO

Keyword density plays a role in SEO today because it helps Google determine how relevant your content is. This is why Yoast is such an important tool today. Even if you don’t understand how search engines work you’ll still be able to optimize your content so you do well in them. Writers and editors find Yoast particularly helpful when they’re trying to determine how focused and topical their content is. It even provides them with tips on how to make their writing better so it’s friendlier for the search engines.

Although Yoast is a helpful tool, it’s still important to start the writing process with some research. This is the time when you want to find the most appropriate keywords to use as a basis for your writing. As you write an article you should scatter these keywords throughout it naturally. Once you’re accustomed to writing an article this way you won’t even need to worry about keyword density anymore. When Yoast realizes that your writing has gotten off track and thus will have a negative impact on your SEO (e.g. poor keyword density) it will tell you.

Introducing Yoast SEO

Over the years Yoast has truly evolved. They were the first SEO tool to add readability checks and feedback to enable users to create the great content Google wants. Thanks to the fact that they continually update their analysis system they’re now able to provide you with even more feedback regarding how topical your content is. Not only will they tell you how many times you’ve used your keyphrase but they’ll also tell you whether you’ve managed to distribute it in a reasonable fashion throughout your content. With this information, you’ll be able to maintain your keyword density without even giving it much thought just because you stayed on topic.

When you opt for Yoast Premium you’ll also get another great feature that you’ll find very helpful. This version is able to easily recognize all the different grammatical forms of your keyword that you’ve used throughout your article. You’ll find that this makes it easier for you to improve your writing because you’ll know when to add other keyword phrases that are relative or if you should be using synonyms. All of this is done without Yoast ever getting in your way.

Keyphrase Density Holds Its Own Today

Although keyword density may seem like an old, outdated concept this isn’t the case at all. It’s important to use it properly still today. This is something that the Local SEO Company in Tampa, FL, can help you with so contact them today.