Improve Your Organic Traffic Flow With Effective SEO Blogging

Improve Your Organic Traffic Flow With Effective SEO BloggingStatistics show that when business posts at least 16 articles per month they’ll receive 3.5 times more traffic to their website. This is important because 61% of consumers make purchases based on such articles. You need to use this as part of your marketing plan.

How to Create Topics for Blogging

When blogging is an important part of your marketing strategy there are some things that you can do to help you create excellent SEO blogging topics. This should start with brainstorming. While you’ll want to set some time aside to do this you’ll also want to keep a notebook handy for when you come up with other ideas.

From there you need to create an editorial calendar with your ideas laid out in front of you. By taking the time to plan your topics will have some structure. You’ll also be able to include upcoming events in your SEO blogging.

How to Create a Strong Blog Post

Once you’ve come up with some ideas you’ll want to create some blog posts. There are three elements these posts should have.

First, you need to create a title that naturally flows from your content. This should catch your readers’ attention while clearly explaining what the post is about so they know why they should take the time to read it.

Next, you will want to create valuable content while also reflecting your brand’s voice or personality. You should try to include statistics, trends, and news in your SEO blogging. It’s also important for the blog post to be timely.

Remember to include at least one visual in your post. This is important because these posts will have 650% more engagement rates than a post that only has text. Make sure your images are clear and crisp.

Remember SEO Best Practices for SEO Blogging

As you’re creating your blog post you must also think about SEO. Here are a few of the key points you should remember:

  • Make sure you’re consistent with your posts going live at the same time on the same day every week. This will engage your readers better, which is something the search engines like.
  • Use a keyword tool to find keywords to incorporate in your writing. Make sure that you sound natural in doing so. Also include them in your title, headings, subheadings, photo captions, image file names, URL, meta description, first sentence ad last paragraph.
  • Keep your title between 6 – 13 words. You should also know that posts over 2,000 words perform better. You’ll also want to create a 154 character meta description.
  • Use header tags to break up your content.
  • Include internal links so that your readers can find other interesting articles on your website.
  • Link to other well-optimized websites that contain information that’s relevant to your blog post. Doing so will show Google that you’re a strong link.
  • Make sure you have Google Analytics installed so you know how your blog post is performing. This will give you a lot of important information so you know what your readers want to see from your blog.

How to Promote Your New Blog Post

SEO blogging doesn’t end with posting an article to your website. You also have to take some time to promote the article. There are several ways you can do this including:

  • Share your blog post on all of your social media platforms. Make sure you customize your update for the followers on each platform and use relevant hashtags to increase visibility.
  • Introduce your new blog posts in your newsletter. In doing so make sure you include an image.
  • Share your posts on appropriate LinkedIn discussion groups. Make sure you follow the group’s rules for self-promotion.
  • Search for your SEO blogging topic on Twitter to see if it’s something others are struggling with. If so, reply and share your post so that they may also share it with their followers.
  • If you think of certain customers who may benefit from your blog post, craft a personal email and send your post to them directly.
  • Use your website’s RSS button to automatically update your readers about your new post.

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