Important Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Law Firm

Important Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Law FirmLaw firm SEO is one of the most competitive industries online today. This is why you must always remain at least one step ahead of your competition – something that’s even harder today than it was only a few years ago. Nevertheless, when you want traffic and potential clients to keep your revenue flowing, this is something you must work on. Knowing where to focus your time is vital though. With this in mind, here are some important strategies to help you climb your way up the SERPs.

Ask for Reviews

Studies show that reviews are vital in the legal field since about 67% of consumers seek them out before calling an attorney. The more reviews your firm has available for potential clients to read through, the easier it will be for them to picture themselves receiving your help.

Don’t post all your reviews in one place. Scatter them between your website, Google profile, Facebook, and legal directories. To get reviews in these places you should:

  • Ask for them in the final letter you send out to your clients.
  • Texting them a link to your Google profile.
  • When thanking a client for their business, make sure you also ask for a review.

Optimize Your Website

You need a pristine looking, fast moving website today to convert traffic to clients but you must also follow all the technical elements of good law firm SEO too. This is important because you need your website to easily be found. Some of the best ways to ensure this happens is to make sure:

  • Your site is mobile friendly because Google uses this as a ranking factor today
  • Your website loads quickly, even if this means getting rid of pretty plug-ins
  • You compress your files’ sizes
  • Your JavaScript is loading quickly
  • You shrink your images
  • You have a fast server response time
  • Your site is ADA compliant (e.g. blocking fraudulent clicks on Google ads, including alt tags and descriptions on your images, ensuring online forms can be accessed by voice command, offering text-based versions of all your website’s documents) so you don’t alienate clients or bring about an undue lawsuit

Create Outstanding Content

Make your website a go-to resource by filling it with information so you look like an expert on the topic. Always include a disclaimer that this content doesn’t serve as legal advice though. There are two main places where you can do this:

  • Blog posts answering your clients’ most commonly asked questions
  • Internal pages that are set up with good law firm SEO practices in mind

Seek out High-Quality Links

Having other websites link to yours helps your law firm SEO. It tells search engines that you’re offering content that’s both valuable and relevant. Make sure you avoid spam and other bad links though. This isn’t easy because it’ll require you to build relationships, follow-up on your links, and even spend some money on things like membership-only databases. Nevertheless, getting links from local news sites, press releases, and industry-specific directories is worth your while. Although Google claims that they don’t place any relevancy on the number of links your website receives, you’ll still want to get as much traffic from other sources as possible. Doing so will help your website look more authoritative, which in turn will help your law firm SEO.

All the work that goes into law firm SEO (e.g. social media posting, blogging, creating citations, building backlinks) can quickly become overwhelming since your time is so limited. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it all yourself. The Local SEO Company is here to help. All you must do is call upon them.