Local Franchise SEO Tactics For Locations

Local SEO for franchisesSometimes, it can be hard for a local franchise to put its name out there. However, these challenging times can be overcome by utilizing a few franchise SEO tactics using their locations.

If a local franchise wishes to rank, they need to do SEO just as other companies do. If they’re wishing to position their site high in the SERPs and find likely clients, local franchise SEO is needed.

It is not just a matter of creating listings for their company in a national directory. Listings also need to be placed in regional catalogs while optimizing SEO.

There are some differences when it comes to regional franchise SEO and normal SEO. If you desire to have a high position in all search engines, stay tuned.

So, why is franchise SEO so crucial to use by local businesses? Well, for one, when this is performed, you have likely clients notice your business. And there are a number of ways to do this.

Did you know that simply creating blog write-ups about your business can help in your SEO efforts? You’ll just want to utilize your keywords while utilizing SEO tactics that are appropriate for companies. And you should make a Google Business Profile listing. Both of these are straightforward ways to bring awareness to your company while increasing your revenue.

Best of all, making a Google Business Profile is free. Therefore, more organic traffic is brought to your site. This can lead to higher search positions, as well as more sales.

Sounds pretty easy, right? So what trouble could be found? Unfortunately, SEO franchise is tricky. Constructing an online existence can be full of difficulties.

The biggest one is content that is identical to another site. This holds true even if you own many sites. The URLs can have the same theme, but the writing on them must be 100% original. You can not have a carbon copy of one site for all of your sites. Copied content from any source will not help you with ranking higher in the SERPS. In fact, it could actually harm your rankings.

It can also be hard to perform franchise SEO because you’re uncertain of the tactics to utilize. Will you want to use a different tactic with every region? Or can you get by with a plan of action that works every place? No matter what you decide, you still must list the correct contact information and addresses for every place.

By now you could be thinking about how you’ll be able to pull franchise SEO off. We won’t leave you just hanging. Use the below tactics for your SEO needs.

1. The branding of a company is important. Therefore, you will want to be certain it remains consistent in all of your regions.

Franchises want to offer the same encounters at all locations. This holds true for your site as well. Visitors of your site will have that same expectation. When they go from one location to another, they want to see a similar page layout, colors, and theme. Think about it this way. Your favorite sub sandwich franchise uses the same color combination at all its locations. The franchise uses the same logo and offers the same sandwiches. When visiting this sandwich shop, visitors will have that expectation as they walk through the door. If they do not see the same logo, colors, and sandwiches, they may turn around and walk out, thinking they entered a different sub sandwich restaurant.

If you have different colors and look for all of your regions, your visitors may click out of the URL as they do not recognize that they’re indeed a franchise.

2. When constructing your site, you want to think about locals. Every franchise URL should reflect this as it will assist with franchise SEO and be visible to likely clients. To do this, you must:

  • include local keywords into your title tags and articles
  • place your hours of opening on the site
  • embed Google Maps into your website
  • directions on where your company can be found
  • testimonials of previous and current clients
  • images of the company, employees working, or other aspects that show how your company runs

3. You must utilize the correct NAP (name, address, phone) of your business for every region. Keep an identical scheme for all of your sites. Make sure to utilize the region’s NAP and not the corporate information.

4. Use great content on your site. This is a huge thing that can greatly benefit your SEO efforts. While blogging about matters that correspond with your location has many advantages, you can also write about common topics that pertain to your niche.

5. The correct keywords are a must. These should pertain to your location. You want locals to be able to see your site. Therefore, you should refrain from targeting keywords that are generic as this will show up in searches that may be performed hundreds or thousands of miles from your business. These words could help you rank, but will most likely not convert to sales or customers.

6. Utilize Google Business Profile and other sites. All regions should be placed under their own profile. When a person looks for local companies, websites will pop up. But so will various Google Business Profiles of local businesses.

Besides utilizing GBP, you should take advantage of social media platforms. There is nothing wrong with asking your customers to share their opinions about the service or product that you have offered them.

QR codes work great for this as it is an easy way to get your clients to your profile pages on sites you choose to be a part of. This can be Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, or any other site you wish to be a part of.

If you are a franchise, you will greatly benefit from Franchise SEO. To find out more about other ways you can increase your visibility, reach out to Local SEO Tampa Company in Pinellas County, FL.